Reconciling your Shifts

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After your team completes their Close out procedures, it's important to open each shift report to investigate potential cash discrepancies. 

Green Bits has built Shift Reports to provide you with up-to-the-minute accounting of POS activities for the current sales period. Shift Reports automatically reconcile cash drawer(s), and help you close out the day knowing there are no mistakes.

All Shift Reports include:

  • All sales activity for the specified shift
  • Net sales, cash flow, taxes, and discount breakouts
  • Report daily cash flow, including overages and shortages
  • Recording of pay-ins/pay-outs

This Shift Report is used in conjunction with the Sales Report to help reconcile all of your daily sales activity. These reports are created at the end of each business day and can then be entered in your accounting software  to correspond with your accounting records, and cash deposits can be stored in your bank account or elsewhere.

Understanding your Shift Reports

Your Shift Reports provide a breakdown of all relevant information for this shift. 

Below we have broken down each section of the Shift Report for easy reference.

TIPS & TRICKS - Many Green Bits customers choose to print out their Shift Reports at the end of each night & have the Shift Manager/Supervisor and Cashier sign these.  They will staple all starting drawer receipts, pay-in and pay-out receipts, end of drawer receipts and other register receipts and store these with other financial documents. 


Cash Balance

At the top of the Shift Report is a CASH BALANCE: 

  • Opening Amount (cash entered when you Opened the drawer)
  • Net Cash (all cash on hand, minus your Opening Amount)
  • Paid Out (all cash you removed using our Paid In/ Paid Out feature)
  • Paid In  (all cash you entered in using our Paid In/Paid Out feature)
  • Closing Drop (end drawer amount)
  • Left in Drawer amount
  • Over / Short amount 
    • Your total end of day cash is automatically subtracted from the opening or beginning cash drawer balance. If there are any overages or shortages are present, this is listed under over / short amount.  Any shortages will be (in parenthesis), and overages will be listed without parenthesis.

Sales Breakdown

Below your Cash Balance is a sales breakdown. This shows a summary of your Net Sales broken down by total Sales, Discounts, Returns, and a detailed Tax breakdown.

See a full breakdown how Green Bits calculated your Net Cash for this Shift Report under your

Tender Breakdown

For customers with multiple payment methods, you can see a clear breakdown in your

Activities link to the Tender Breakdown

Easily find all sales activity for the specified shift by using the Green Clickable link on each payment line.

Each itemized Tender Amount is a green clickable link. This link will bring you to a list of all associated transactions. 

Sales Activities for this Shift

Easily reference all sales activities linked with this shift with the clickable link under Tender Breakdown. Each line represents a separate transaction. 

On the Activities Page you will be able to easily see: 

  • Date and Time of transaction
  • Receipt ID associated with that transaction
  • Account Type (payment method)
  • Device Name
  • Employee (User Pin entered during that transaction)
  • Transaction Type (Sale, Return, or Void)
  • Total amount charged on that Receipt. 

To see details for a specific receipt, simply click on the Receipt ID.  This will bring you to the transaction receipt and provide receipt details such as products purchased, discounts, total tax, and any change given. 

Reconciling multiple tills at once

If you are tasked with reconciling more than one register at the end of the night, going through each individual Shift Report can be burdensome.

That's why Green Bits provides a summarized Shift Report (Reports > Other Reports > Shift Report). This is a report containing all your shift information selected time period.

Easily export a list of all Shift Reports for a specified date and find all of the shift information in one convenient spreadsheet. 

Many customers use this spreadsheet to cross reference against the Sales Report to reconcile all of your daily sales activity.

TIPS & TRICKS - Many customers will start with the summarized Shift Report to see if there are any Overages or Shortages. If there are discrepancies, they will use the Shift Reports to investigate further.

Investigating Cash Discrepancies

Any overages and or shortages in your Shift Reports should be investigated. It's important to take into consideration human nature or minor errors and small amounts, such as simple miscounts of change that is common when processing cash transactions. 

However, frequent discrepancies could be sign of employee theft or may indicate further training is required for a particular cashier. As a rule, many customers choose to put a limit in place that every time is passed will require digging deeper.  While it depends on the amount of transactions that day (in other words, the more transactions the greater the chance for counting error), a rule such as "no more then $2 off per shift"  is a helpful one. 

A few helpful tips when investigating your discrepancies: 

  • Triple count your cash.  Make sure someone else counts the cash for a different pair of eyes.
  • Dig Deep - Use the Sales Activities for this shift report to see who processed each transaction, especially if you use Shared Tills + Cashier Tracking 
  • Use Reports such as Discount by Budtender to find potential red flags
  • If necessary, reference security cameras. 
  • Use the Shift Report and search by Employee Name. Open shifts to see if there is a patter of discrepancies. 

Don't see something that you would find useful?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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