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Learn the tips that Menu Errors don’t want you to see. Fix and prevent any errors on your menu with these simple techniques. Hint: it’s all in the Product’s details.

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Before you start: Enter all Product Details

 Best way to prevent menu errors is to make sure all of your products contain product details. 

The #1 reason your menu items won't display is that you are missing pivotal information required by Menu services such as Weedmaps and Leafly.  If you were building these menus inside of these services, you would get an error message due to missing information. 

For any items that you wish to be displayed on your menus, you must always enter: 

  • Name
  • Weight
  • Brand
  • Strain
  • Flower Type
  • Test Results (THC % / CBD %)

TIPS & TRICKS - Look at how your menu will be displayed prior to publishing by using the "Preview" button. 


Understanding your Error Messages to fix your errors

When you look at the preview button, anything highlighted in RED is a product that is being prevented from listing on your menu. 

If you ever see an error, look at the bottom to see the reason displayed.  This will indicate how you can fix this error.  

Common Reasons for not displaying Menu Items:

  • Missing data to populate name: {{brand}}, {{strain}}  (ie - this product doesn't have Brand or Strain entered)
  • Missing price that fits into listing service's price columns

For instance, if your products don’t have a strain or brand, then you’ll want to filter by Name or fix them by offering the strain or brand.
Green Bits - POS  2017-09-04 21-14-27.png

How to Prevent "Missing Price that Fits Listing Service price columns"

If you see this error on the Preview: Missing price that fits into listing service's price columns, this can be caused by three things.


A.  Missing Weight

Menu services require weights to be attached to all of your weight-based product such as Flower and Concentrates.  Take a look at the weight on the product that is giving the error. If the weight is empty or zero, enter a weight.

Read more about how to see what items are missing weights here.


B. Make sure your weights meet Menu Service Perimeters

Menu services like Weedmaps and Leafly put perimeters around how your products can be displayed.

For your Flower, your only options are:  .5g, 1g, 3.5g, 7g, 14g, or 28g units.  If you have a .55g product, this product will be prevented from displaying.

For Concentrate, your only options are: .5g, 1g, 2g. Be sure to adjust the weight to match.

Things that will never be displayed: Concentrates with no weight and Flower with no weight. 

C. Make sure the Unit of Measure on the product matches the Unit of Measure on the Menu Group. 

  1. Find the product

  2. Go to the Inventory Tab, and click Actions > View Manifest next to the package ID. 

  3. Click on the manifest. Check whether the product is priced by Cost Per Unit or Cost Per Gram.

  4. Compare the unit of measure on the product to the Menu Group.

  5. Go back to the Menu Groups and update the Price By filter to match the product’s unit of measure.


TIPS & TRICKS: If you have products that are in the same Flower or Concentrate Type with both Cost per Unit and Cost per Gram pricing, create another Menu Group for the same Group Name. You can then filter it using the opposite Price by option than the one you previously selected.

Find Products Missing for a Specific Product Type

Missing some of your products on the Preview for a Specific Product Type?

  1. Check the filters on the Menu Group. 

Green Bits - POS  2017-09-04 22-00-55.png

  1. Open the Product page in another browser window.

  2. Set Product filters to match the Menu Group where the product is missing.  

Green Bits - POS  2017-09-04 21-59-37.png

  1. If your product doesn't appear here, it's not going to show up on your menu.  Most likely you're missing details such as Flower Type.

    For instance if you’re filtering by Product Type: Marijuana &  Flower Type: Indica, check the Product details of the product you're missing and adjust them.

Green Bits - POS  2017-09-04 22-29-41.png

Items are missing on the Menu Service that are on my Preview

Are items missing on the Menu Service, but appear on your Preview in Green Bits?  Ask your self these questions:

Is a whole category missing?

If so, it could be that the menu service doesn’t allow the filters you’re using. For instance, WikiLeaf doesn’t display Edible Liquids or Concentrate Type.

Reach out to the menu service to see what Product Types and Concentrate Types they accept. This will help you to know how they can be listed on their menu.

Leafly-Specific:  Are items not showing up on your Leafly Menu after multiple updates and you don’t have any errors on the menu?

Then, it’s time to get drastic. Disable your Leafly Menu on Green Bits  and Delete it. You will need to have access on Leafly to disable and enable the menu. Clear the cache in your browser.  Rebuild your menu group. Re-publish your menu. SO DRASTIC! BUT SO FANTASTIC. 


Best Practices - Tips & Tricks

  • Good menus start with Good Product data being entered on the product.

  • Set a Minimum Quantity to make sure that you only display items with quantity on your menu.  Green Bits updates in real time, and this will ensure someone doesn't drive in to grab a low-quantity item & have someone in-store already scoop it up. 

  • Persistence is key - there are a lot of nuances to each menu, with each of their own perimeters.  Use the tricks above for maximizing your integration. 

Don't see something that you would find useful?  Let us know in the comments below! 

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