Bluetooth Receipt Printer Setup

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Bluetooth printers require no wired connection to your point of sale and are well-suited for businesses that require fast and frequent printing. To set up the Star TSP650II Bluetooth receipt printer, follow the steps outlined below or watch the video tutorial.

1. Connect the printer to power and load paper

Connect the included power cable into the right-most port on the back of the printer, then flip the power switch on the side of the printer.

Open the top cover to load a roll of 3.125"-wide thermal receipt paper, with the lead of the roll toward the front of the printer, as shown in the diagram below.

2. Pair the printer with your iPad

On your iPad's home screen tap the Settings icon, then tap the Bluetooth menu. Confirm that the Bluetooth toggle switch is on/green.

With the printer powered on, press and hold the red PAIR button (1) on the back of the printer until the green indicator light (2) on the left begins to flash. Release the PAIR button.

Back on the iPad, you should within 30 seconds see Star Micronics displayed under Devices. Tap Star Micronics. After a few seconds, Connected will appear on the right.

Confirm that the indicator light on the back of the printer has now changed to blue, indicating successful pairing.

3. Connect the printer to the cash drawer

The receipt printer controls the automatic opening of your cash drawer, even when you don't print a receipt.

Locate the cable that was included with the cash drawer, and connect the narrower end of this cable to the port on the back of the printer labeled DK. Connect the wider end of the cable to the coresponding port on the under side of the cash drawer.

Note: Although the DK port appears identical to a standard landline phone jack, a phone-type cable is not compatible with the cash drawer. Please ensure you're using the cable that was included with the drawer.

4. Connect the printer to Green Bits

Sign into the Green Bits register app, tap on the stacked white lines in the top left corner to open the menu shown below, then tap Settings.

Tap Receipt Printer.

Confirm Star Micronics is displayed here with a check mark on the far right, indicating the printer is connected and assigned to this iPad. If you don't see a check mark, tap Star Micronics to select and assign the printer, then tap Test Print to confirm the connection.

Further resources

If you're having difficulty setting up or using your Bluetooth receipt printer, see our Bluetooth Receipt Printer Troubleshooting article or the Star TSP650II Series Hardware Manual.

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