Bluetooth Receipt Printer Troubleshooting

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Use the guides below to troubleshoot and resolve common problems you may experience with the Star TSP650II Bluetooth receipt printer.

Printer is unresponsive or disconnected

Intermittent disconnections

Blank or discolored receipts

Cash drawer is not opening automatically

Factory reset instructions

Status indicator lights

Further resources

Printer is unresponsive or disconnected
I. Confirm connection to the iPad

First, confirm the power cord is connected and the printer's power switch is in the ON position.

On your iPad's home screen tap the Settings icon, then tap the Bluetooth menu. Confirm that the Bluetooth toggle switch (1) is on/green.

If Star Micronics shows Not Connected in this menu, tap the "i" in the circle (2), then Forget This Device. If Connected, proceed to section II.

With the printer powered on, press and hold the red PAIR button (1) on the back of the printer until the green indicator light (2)** on the left begins to flash. Release the PAIR button.

**If the indicator light is not green, proceed to factory reset instructions, then set up your printer again.

Back on the iPad, you should within 30 seconds see Star Micronics displayed under Devices. Tap Star Micronics. After a few seconds, Connected will appear on the right.

Confirm that the indicator light on the back of the printer has now changed to blue, indicating successful pairing.

II. Confirm connection to Green Bits

Sign into the Green Bits register app, tap on the stacked white lines in the top left corner to open the menu shown below, then tap Settings.

Tap Receipt Printer.

Confirm Star Micronics is displayed here with a check mark on the far right, indicating the printer is connected and assigned to this iPad. If you don't see a check mark, tap Star Micronics to select and assign the printer, then tap Test Print to confirm the connection.

If no printer is appearing in the Receipt Printer Setup menu, try force-quitting Green Bits and then check this menu again. If there is still no printer appearing in this menu, try a force restart of your iPad, by pressing and holding both the power button on the side and the home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds.

Intermittent disconnections

Receipt Printer Heartbeat

One of the advanced settings in the Green Bits register app is Receipt Printer Heartbeat. The "heartbeat" is a periodic check to make sure the register and printer are communicating. The downside is that it may also overload the Bluetooth connection between the printer and your iPad, particularly on older iPad models.

If you're frequently seeing a "Receipt Printer Disconnected" message across the top of the screen in the Green Bits register app, try disabling the Receipt Printer Heartbeat setting:

1. Tap the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left of the app, then tap Settings

2. Near the bottom of Settings, tap the toggle switch for Show Advanced Settings

3. Scroll down and tap the toggle switch for Receipt Printer Heartbeat to disable it.

Auto Connection Mode

If the connection between your printer and iPad is inconsistent or unreliable, and you're frequently rebooting the printer or having to go back to the iPad Bluetooth settings and tapping the device to reconnect, the printer's Auto Connection feature may be disabled.

To check the current setting, switch the printer off, then press and hold the FEED button on the front of the printer. While continuing to hold FEED, switch the printer back on, and within 1-2 seconds two sheets will print containing various diagnostic information. The second sheet, pictured below, indicates the current Auto Connection setting.

If your current setting is OFF, turn Auto Connection back ON by pressing and holding the RST button on the back of the printer using a pointed object such as a paper clip or pen for at least 4 seconds.

You should hear the cutter mechanism inside the printer move, similar to the sound you hear when the printer is turned on, and the POWER and ERROR lights on the front of the printer will begin to flash. Release the RST button, and the sheet below will print. Turn the printer off and then back on

Blank or discolored receipts

Your printer uses thermal paper, which turns black when exposed to heat and requires no ink.

If your receipts are coming out blank, most likely you're using non-thermal paper, or the label roll is installed backward.

You can easily confirm whether you're using thermal paper by scratching the paper with the edge of a coin or another metal object. Scratching thermal paper will leave a light gray mark; if scratching leaves no mark, the paper is not thermal paper.

The diagram below shows correct installation of the paper roll.

If receipts are blackened or discolored, the paper roll may have been exposed to excessive heat. Change to a new roll, and check for any sources of excessive heat in the immediate vicinity of the printer and whether printer itself is overheating (see Status indicator lights below).

If there are gaps/white lines, turn the printer off and carefully clean the thermal print head using a cotton swab or soft cloth dipped in alcohol (ethanol, methanol, or isopropyl). Do not clean the thermal head when hot immediately after printing; allow it to cool for several minutes first. Turn the power back on only after the alcohol has dried completely.

Cash drawer is not opening automatically

Although the printer's DK port appears identical to a standard landline phone jack, a phone-type cable is not compatible with the cash drawer. Please ensure you're using the cable that was included with the drawer. If you need a replacement, make sure it's a RJ-12 (M) to RJ-45 (M) cash drawer cable compatible with APG cash drawers.

If you've confirmed you're using the correct cable:

  • Make sure it's securely connected to both the port labeled DK on the back of the printer, and also to the port on the under side of the cash drawer.
  • Check the lock to make sure it is in the unlocked (vertical) position.
  • If you're able to manually open the drawer with the included key, remove the plastic till insert and check for any foreign objects that may be obstructing the drawer-kick mechanism inside.
Factory reset instructions

If problems persist after following the above suggestions, try resetting the printer with the following procedure.

1. Turn the printer off

2. Using a narrow pointed object, press and hold the RST button on the back of the printer

3. Turn the printer on, while continuing to hold RST for at least 8 seconds. The POWER and ERROR lights on the front should begin to flash. Once you've held RST for at least 8 seconds, with POWER and ERROR flashing, release the RST button. Now count to 12. Within this count of 12, POWER and ERROR should stop flashing. If they continue to flash past 12 seconds, start over from step 1.

4. If POWER and ERROR stop flashing within 12 seconds of releasing RST, the reset was successful. Turn off the printer, forget the device in the iPad Bluetooth settings, and re-pair according to the steps above.

Status indicator lights

Front LED indicator lights:

Rear LED indicator light:

  • Green (on): Not connected.
  • Green (flashing): Ready to start pairing.
  • Blue (on): Connected.
  • Purple (flashing): Auto connection ON.
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