Changing Inventory/Product Associations

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If you've ever accidentally assigned a new package ID or lot number to the wrong product, selected the wrong product name when converting, splitting, or merging, or if you have duplicate products and you want to consolidate them, read on to learn how to reassign a SKU, package, or lot to a different product name. 

This can be done at any time, no matter how long ago you accepted the item. If you've already made sales from a SKU that you're reassigning to another product, this will also retroactively update sales and associated reports.

For your convenience, there are two different ways to do this:

Method 1: Update the original manifest

Go to Incoming Inventory and click the manifest that contains the item you need to update.

For example, here we have a package of Jack Herer flower that was accidentally assigned to a product named "Sour Jack".

To correct this, simply click the Search button next to the Product field, and search for and select the correct product from the list, just as you would when accepting inventory initially.

Re-save the manifest, and you're done!

Method 2: Update on the Inventory tab

If the item in question was created from a conversion, or from splitting or merging inventory items, and therefore did not come from a manifest, or if you simply don't have the original manifest handy, you can alternatively reassign it by searching the current product name and/or the SKU/lot number/package ID, in the Products page.

Select the appropriate product, then click the Product's Inventory tab.
Find the SKU/package/lot in question, then Actions > Reassign to New Product.

Search for and select the correct product name.

A dialog box will appear confirming the change. Click OK to confirm.

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