Changing Inventory/Product Associations

If you've ever accidentally assigned a new package ID or lot number to the wrong product, or if you have duplicate products that you're trying to merge, read on to learn how to change the association between packages/lots and product names. This can be done retroactively at any time, no matter how long ago you accepted the package/lot.

1. Locate the original manifest

After identifying the lots or package IDs that need to be re-associated with a different product, use any of the following methods to find the original manifest where the lot or package ID was accepted:

(1) In Incoming Inventory, click Find Accepted SKU and enter the lot number or package ID, or even just a portion of the lot number or package ID.

(2) In Incoming Inventory, enter the supplier name or manifest reference ID.

(3) In Products, search by product name, package ID, or lot number, then click to view the product detail page. Click the Inventory tab, and scroll down to find the SKU that you need to reassign. Click Actions > View Manifest

2. Search for the correct product

In this example, we have a package containing 15 ounces of Sour Jack flower, but someone accidentally assigned it to the flower product for Jack Herer.

To reassign this package/SKU to the correct Sour Jack product, click Search next to the Product field:

Find the correct product and click to select it:

This will take you back to the main manifest view, where the Product field for this package will now be updated. You can also correct the Cost Per Unit field at this point, if needed. Click Save in the upper right.

The update will now be reflected throughout inventory and all reports. Any sales of this SKU that occurred prior to making this correction will be automatically updated to reflect the correct product name.

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