Create & Transfer Return Manifests in Washington

Did you know you can create and manage product returns from the Back Office? A list of all your return manifests and their status (Added, Waiting, and Transferred) can be found on the Return Inventory page.

Make sure to make split lots for all returns, even if you are returning the last of a lot.

1. Navigate to the Return Inventory page

First, select Inventory from the top menu bar, then Return Inventory on the lower left.

2. Add Return Manifest

Click + Add Return Manifest in the upper right to add a new manifest.

Note: From this page you can also look back on past and pending return manifests, view and print PDF copies of your return manifests, or void a manifest.

Fill out all of the required information for both your store and the destination.

Pick Up Time: By default, this will be be 25 hours from the current date and time to account for up to 1 hour processing time and the state-mandated 24-hour quarantine period. You can schedule the pick up any time beyond this 25-hour window.

Transportation Type: Select from Vendor Pickup or Third Party Courier.

Notes: Include any notes about this return here (optional).

Lot Number(s): Add at least one lot number to be transferred. If you have not already done so, create split lots to be returned, and make sure quantities match your physical inventory, adjusting if needed. 

Destination, Transporter, and Vehicle Information: Consult the vendor and/or third party courier for these details, and be sure to fill in all required fields.

Tip: all Washington cannabis producer and retailer license numbers are publicly available at - check here to verify or look up your supplier's license number if you don't have it handy. Incorrect license numbers or licensee names may delay or prevent successful processing of your manifest.

Note: You must return all your inventory on hand for a particular lot. If you would like to return only part of a lot please reference our article on splitting lots.

This form will verify that key information has been entered correctly. If you mistype a lot number, you’ll know!

3. Transfer

After the inventory has been physically transported back to the vendor, transfer the manifest by clicking the Transfer button. Do not click Transfer before the items have left your location.

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