Establish a Product Naming Convention

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When you start typing in names for your new products, have a plan of attack! Stores can carry tens of thousands of products. Consider what they will look like in a long unfiltered list.

Will you be able to scan that list quickly to find the product you're looking for? When doing a search, would you always type that product name exactly that way? If not, you might not find what you're looking for!

Create a standard naming convention before you receive your first product!

Here's one we see working well most often:
<Supplier Abbreviation>  <Strain / Product Name> <Weight> 

For example: For your smallest Phat Panda bag of Dutch Treat, you might write:
PP Dutch Treat 3.5g 

With this approach, product names always start with the "largest" aspect of the product -- the supplier -- and works it's way down to the most specific -- product and then size

If you follow this naming convention,  your inventory lists will show all products by one supplier together, and then all their products of the same brand/product name. And the list will be in order according to size.

Create a master list of all your suppliers and the abbreviation you want to use, both as a reminder to you and as a guide for those who receive inventory. Include an example of a "properly named" item.

The keys to success are:

  • consistency of order & abbreviations
  • enough specificity to differentiate your inventory

Next Step? Receive some marijuana products!



Naming Conventions from Green Bits on Vimeo.

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