Receiving Inventory (Washington)

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Follow the steps below to receive new marijuana inventory into Green Bits and start selling.

These steps are specific to stores operating in Washington. Separate guides are available for Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, and Oregon.

To receive non-marijuana inventory, check out our Receiving Paraphernalia and Other Non-Marijuana Merchandise article.

1. Navigate to Incoming Inventory in Back Office

From the top menu bar, select Inventory (1), then Incoming Inventory (2).

If a recently transferred manifest is not yet showing up, click the Sync button (3) in the upper right to refresh the page and pull in new manifests. If an expected manifest is not shown here, consult our article on Missing & Delayed Manifests.

Manifests that have recently been transferred to your license in the state traceability system will be displayed here under Pending status. Click any manifest to continue.

2. Assign each lot to a product

Each lot number on the manifest is automatically imported from the state traceability system and displayed here, along with the details of its contents as specified by the supplier. If you notice any errors in the lot details, contact the supplier for clarification. This information cannot be edited in Green Bits. If the supplier has made an error, reject the manifest and have the supplier create and transfer a corrected manifest as soon as possible.

For each lot number on the manifest, click Search for products (1) and select the product name that you want to associate with this lot. If the product does not yet exist in your inventory, you may also create a new product at this step.

Enter the wholesale cost of each unit in the Cost Per Unit field (2).

Enter the quantity you are accepting in the Quantity field (3). You may accept any quantity equal to or less than the quantity shown after the "/". If you accept less than the full quantity specified by the supplier, the remaining units are automatically transferred back to the supplier.

The Barcode field (4) is automatically pre-populated with the lot number, which is used for scanning the product at the register. If you are printing your own barcode labels, you may use the existing lot number as the SKU, click Generate to create a random SKU, or enter your own SKU.

3. Accept the manifest

Once you have assigned each lot number to a product name and filled in cost and quantity, review the total cost and quantity listed at the top to ensure accuracy, then click the Accept button near the upper right.

Tip: If you click Accept when your manifest is only partially filled out, Green Bits will save your work so you can come back to it later and complete the manifest. Partially completed manifests will be listed in Incoming Inventory under the "Accepted (Unassigned Lots)" view. Note, however that once you click Accept, you will no longer be able to to edit quantities or to reject the manifest.

Manifest statuses

On the Incoming Inventory page, in addition to the default Pending view, which shows your new incoming manifests, there are four additional manifest status views:

  • Accepted (Unassigned Lots): If you click Accept on a new manifest without assigning every lot number to a product, the manifest will move to this list. You may come back to this list later to complete the manifest.
  • Accepted: Both partially completed and fully completed manifests will be listed here. If you later find that an error was made during the intake process, you can always come back to this view and retroactively edit lot number/product associations and Cost Per Unit for any particular lot on any manifest, no matter how long ago it was accepted.
  • Rejected: You may reject a manifest in its entirety, such as if a supplier has made an error or you simply decide not to accept the inventory for any reason. To reject a manifest, open any manifest from the Pending view, then click the Reject button in the upper right. Note that once a manifest is accepted, it can no longer be retroactively rejected.
  • Voided: Any manifest that was voided by a supplier within the state traceability system will be listed here.

Looking up past manifests

If you need to look up a past manifest, either for reference or to correct an error, go to the Incoming Inventory page, select the appropriate status and search by Supplier (1), Reference ID (2), or by Lot/SKU number (3).

If you're not finding the manifest you're looking for, try searching within the other status views. For example, if a manifest was fully accepted, it will be found only when searching under "Accepted".

An alternate way of finding a manifest based on a lot or SKU number is by finding the product within your Products list. From the product details, scroll to the SKU/Lot Number section at the bottom and click any lot number/SKU to go straight to the associated manifest.

This will take you to the Incoming Inventory page, where the manifest that this lot number originated from will be shown. Click the manifest to open it and make any changes, then Save.

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