Activate Your New iPad

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Get started with your new Apple iPad. Learn how to set up your device out of the box with the instructions below.


1. Turn on your device by holding down the power button. You'll see "Hello" in different languages. Slide from left to right anywhere on this screen.

2. Select your country

 3. Get online and choose Location Services

Tap a Wi-Fi Network to connect to the internet. Get help from your IT professional if you can't connect to a Wi-Fi Network.

Disable location services. This feature is not needed for register service.

4. Set up your device - review terms and conditions

Set up your device as new OR restore it from an iCloud or iTunes backup

Then review the terms and conditions. Tap Agree to continue. For a copy of the terms and conditions, tap Send by Email, confirm your email address, and tap Send.


5. Sign in with your Apple ID and set up iCloud Drive

Create a new Apple ID and password specific to your business. You will need this ID to access the App Store and download the Green Bits Register.

You can create this ID now or later. If you would like to create it later go ahead and tap 'Skip This Step'


6. Skip setting up Touch ID and do not create a pass code, at least for now.


7. Siri is nice but she's bound to get in the way of selling marijuana. Go ahead and tap the 'don't use' option.

8. Finish up. Tap Get Started to begin using your device!

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