Monthly Tax Report: why Tax Owed varies from Tax Collected

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Your Monthly Tax Report will almost always show slightly different totals for Tax Owed and Tax Collected.

Why the difference? Rounding.


Consider an item that costs $6.50 including 37% cannabis tax. The exact mathematical breakdown of base price + 37% tax on this item is:

$4.7445 base price

$1.7555 tax

Because this calculation involves fractions of cents, for practicality and tax reporting purposes the amounts are rounded to:

$4.75 base price

$1.75 tax

These small amounts that are rounded off will accumulate over the course of a month of sales, and by the end of the month your Tax Collected will differ from Tax Owed by a few cents or a few dollars depending on how many individual sales you've made.

The Monthly Tax Report figures your Tax Owed amount not by the grand total of tax collected on each individual transaction, but rather based on your total applicable cannabis sales times 37%.

In the above example, if you've sold 100 of this $6.50 item in 100 separate transactions:

Tax Collected is $1.75 per sale X 100 sales = $175.00

Tax Owed is $475.00 in tax-applicable sales ($4.75 revenue per sale X 100 sales) X 0.37 tax = $175.75

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