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Transaction Limits, or the maximum amount of certain types of cannabis that a customer may purchase in a single visit, can vary greatly by state/jurisdiction, your store's retail license type, and by customer type.

Selling over the limit is a major compliance issue with potentially very serious consequences, which is why Green Bits is built with pre-programmed transaction limits** which prevent budtenders from mistakenly selling more product than they're allowed to.

However, to ensure the appropriate limit is applied to each of your products, it's important to make sure each Product Type is assigned to the correct Transaction Limit Type.

Default Product Types and Transaction Limit Types

When your Green Bits account is first activated, the most common product types are already pre-loaded for you, and each is assigned to the appropriate transaction limit type by default. For most stores, these product types include, but are not limited to:

  • Flower
  • Edible (Solid)
  • Edible (Liquid)
  • Concentrate
  • Paraphernalia
  • Pre-Roll
  • Extract
  • Seeds

But, if you edit the default product types or add your own custom Product Types, pay close attention to the Transaction Limit Type field to ensure your sales remain compliant.

Customizing Product Types

For example, let's add a new Product Type for Shake/Trim to this Oregon store. Navigate to Inventory > Product Types, then click + Add Product Type.

Enter the name you'd like to use for the new product type, select a color, and designate whether this product type is considered marijuana or not. If you're unsure, consult your state compliance agency, but the general rule of thumb is that anything that is tracked in the state system is considered marijuana. If an item is not tracked, such as certain CBD products that contain no THC, select No. Setting Is Marijuana to No will also remove the Transaction Limit Type field.

In this example, Oregon has a defined limit specifically for Shake/Trim, so that's our Transaction Limit Type.

For further details about the specific limits programmed for your store, click the ? box next to the Transaction Limit Type field.

Save the new Product Type, and assign the appropriate Shake/Trim products to it. When you sell these products at the register, they will be automatically be limited to 1 ounce for Recreational sales, and 24 ounces for Medical sales, per Oregon-specific regulations.

Compliance warnings and permissions

When a user attempts to sell product in excess of any transaction limit, the register displays a compliance warning. In this example, a budtender is trying to sell 28.35 grams of flower, which is beyond the 1-ounce transaction limit. Upon tapping the Charge button, the following warning is displayed:

If the budtender taps Continue Anyways, the app will prompt for the PIN of a user who has permission to perform this action.

Permission to override and bypass this warning is controlled by Skip sales warning. This permission can be enabled or disabled on the Roles page, in the Make Sales section:

Special note for Oregon stores

For Oregon stores, the Transaction Limit Types serve a dual function. In addition to ensuring sales remain compliant, Transaction Limit Types also serve as the basis for the Oregon Quarterly Tax Report, found under Other Reports. As required by the state of Oregon, this report compiles total quantity and dollar-amount sold for both medical and recreational sales, separated by traceability type. To ensure this report is accurate, check to make sure your Transaction Limit Types are set correctly for each of your Product Types. If you find that your limit types are not set correctly, correcting the error will also retroactively correct the Oregon Quarterly Tax Report.

The traceability types in the Oregon Quarterly Tax Report correspond to the following Transaction Limit Types in Green Bits:

Marijuana Leaves (Grams) - Shake/Trim 

Marijuana Flowers (Grams) - Flower

Immature Marijuana Plants (Unit) - Clones & Seeds

Cannabinoid Edibles (Unit) - Liquid Edible & Solid Edible

Cannabinoid Concentrates (Unit) - Concentrate

Cannabinoid Extracts (Unit) - Extract

Cannabinoid Products For Skin And Hair (Unit) - Topical

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