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Product Tags help you manage your inventory by applying keywords and search terms to them. Filtering based on tags helps you organize your data and quickly find referenced products. Unlike product type, a product can have multiple tags.

Tags are extremely useful in reports and can also be used to create custom discount plans. Some great examples of useful tags include:

  • strain family (Indica/Sativa/Hybrid)
  • product size (1gram/2gram/50mg)
  • promotions (click here to learn more about creating discount plans based on tags)

To create inventory tags

  1. Navigate to the Inventory page and click on a product to open up the product view
  2. In the Tags field type in the name of a tag and hit 'enter' to add the keyword
  3. Click the save button

To filter your inventory based on tags just navigate to the Inventory page, find one of the tags you want to filter on and click on the button.

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    Beth Refinati

    how do you create a new tag this is only explaining how to add a tag to product 

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