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Do you need to discount only a few items on a sale and track the discounts in the back office? Do you want to measure the success of a marketing campaign or provide discounts to liquidate specific merchandise? Lets look at that last example. This feature was build specifically for you.

Here is how it works:

Say you have two products "Catapult Coffee" and "Space Foam" that haven't been selling well. You aren't planning to carry these going forward but want to sell out the inventory rather than return it to the supplier. To get this inventory moving, let's offer a 10% discount on these products.

First we want to tag both products so that we can target them using a discount plan. Go to you product list and find the products you are looking for.

Add a tag like "no longer carrying" to each product and save them.

Next, let's add a discount plan to apply the 10% discount and track the usage of this discount.

Go to your discount plans list.

Click on "Add Discount Plan", enter a name for the plan like "Phasing out products", choose the tag you used on the products "no longer carrying". Then, choose to add a Marijuana discount if these are Marijuana products, choose a discount type of "Percent". Enter 10 for "Discount By", then click Save.

All done setting this plan up, now let's use it.

Open up the register application, and ring up a few products including one or two of the products you are no longer carrying.

Then tap on Discount and choose your "Phasing out products" discount.

You should now see a 10% discount applied to each product that had your "no longer carrying" tag on it.

As always, if you have further questions or feedback, feel free to reach out.

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