Inactive and Unsellable Products

Marking a product Inactive is a great way to keep your product catalog clean, accurate, and up to date, such as when you have products that have been discontinued, or products that you do not plan to offer in the future.

By default, inactive products are not displayed in your Products list in Back Office. To view inactive products, change the Active filter to No or All products:

Making a product inactive will also automatically remove it from any online menu integrations you've set up with Green Bits.

Note: Making a product inactive does not remove it from your available products in the register. To also remove a product from the register, make sure all associated SKUs/packages are marked unsellable:

If you've turned on the Auto Close Lots setting, SKUs, packages, or lots will automatically be marked unsellable when sold out. SKUs, lots, or packages that reach zero quantity due to a manual quantity adjustment or conversion will need to be manually marked unsellable.

Making products inactive or active

To change the status of a product, search for it it your Products list, then click to open the details. Here we have some Sour Diesel from a supplier who is unfortunately no longer in business, so we want to remove these two products to avoid confusion with Sour Diesel flower from other suppliers.

From the product detail view, click Inactivate, then Save.

Note: a product may be fully deleted only if there are no SKUs, packages, or lots associated with it.

With the Active filter set to All products or No, inactive products will be displayed in italic type.

To make a product active once again, select it from the Products list and click Activate, then Save.

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