Product Types

Product Types are used to categorize your products. They're also linked to the specific transaction limits for different types of marijuana products in your area, and you can specify the applicable taxes for each product type as well.

The most common product types are pre-loaded in your Back Office by default, but you can add, delete, and customize product types to fit your needs. Read on or watch our video tutorial on Vimeo to learn how

Reviewing and editing product types

To get started, click Inventory in the top menu bar, then Product Types on the left:

In addition to Name and Color, each product type includes the following elements:

Transaction Limit Type: Select the appropriate limit type. This setting governs the maximum quantity or weight of a certain product type that can be sold in a single transaction to ensure your sales are compliant and budtenders aren't over-selling. The limits are pre-programmed according to your local regulations. For state-specific details, click the light-blue question mark box on the right. For further details, see our Transaction Limits article.

Is Marijuana: Select Yes for any product type that is tracked in your state's traceability system. Select No for paraphernalia or other general merchandise.

Editable Fields: Select or de-select as appropriate. For example, Flower typically should include Weight, Strain, Test Results, and Flower Type, but Concentrate type wouldn't be applicable. Paraphernalia and other non-marijuana products won't require any of these fields.

Tax Items: Specify the applicable taxes for each product type. Review your local tax regulations to ensure your taxes are being applied appropriately. See our Setting Up Taxes article for more information on tax settings.

Important note: If you're creating a new product type that is taxable, but excludes patients from the tax, don't forget to visit the Taxes page and check the Exclude Patients box for your new product type, as applicable.

Adding, editing, and deleting product types

To Add: From the Product Type page, click +Add Product Type in the upper right.

To Edit: Open a Product Type to make changes to the name or any other element, then be sure to click Save at the upper right when finished.

To Delete: Open a Product Type, and click the red Delete button near the bottom. A Product Type may only be deleted after all products assigned to it have been assigned to a new Product Type.

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