ID Verification

Checking IDs has always been a time consuming and error-prone process, but not anymore! With our ID verification feature enabled, you can streamline the whole process and ensure you are only making sales to customers which you are allowed.

ID verification will be a premium feature, but we are providing it to all our existing customers for free during its beta period. If you'd like to enable it and get using this feature, follow these steps.

Go to your register settings page and check the box next to "Verify Customer Age At Purchase Time". Once you do this, you will want to restart your register application. As soon as you do this, you will see a new "Verify Age" button on the register.

With this setting enabled, you will not be able to make a sale until a valid 21+ birthdate is entered. There are a couple ways to enter this birthdate. The first is to tap the "Verify Age" button and enter the date manually (shown below).

The most reliable way to enter this birthdate is by using your 2D barcode scanner to scan a barcode on the back of most driver's licenses. When you scan this barcode, we automatically read the correct birthdate and will inform the budtender if the customer is not 21+. The barcode to scan looks like the following:

In this example you would scan the barcode on the top (not the one made of of lines).

That's it, you've verified that you can sell to this customer. One other thing that this feature adds is the ability to scan this barcode to enter in customer information. If you tap the "Customer" button, then tap "Add Customer". You can scan the barcode to enter in the customer's name and birthdate to quickly track customer information.

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