Configurable Permissions

Configurable permissions allow you to completely manage what parts of the system your employees have access to, and what actions they can perform, based on their role. 


Each of your employees has a role, which denotes the permissions they have access to throughout the Green Bits system. We've started you off with four default roles: Admin, Supervisor, Shift Lead, and Budtender. Each of these roles has varying permissions starting with most access to least access.

But of course, this may not be how you run your store! So you can add, edit, and remove roles as you see fit, allowing your employees in Green Bits to better match their actual roles in your store.

You can add or remove permissions for entire groups of employees by editing the respective role, and selecting or deselecting the permission in the list.

To manage your roles, head to the Roles page in the Back Office.

Overrides and PINs

One of the biggest benefits of the Green Bits permissions system is the addition of manager overrides on the Register. When an employee tries to perform an action that they are not allowed to do, a dialog appears, telling them they are not permitted. A PIN prompt is also included in this dialog, which allows another employee who does have permission to override and continue along with the action.

For example, say a Budtender tries to discount an order by 10%, but she is not allowed to apply discounts. The dialog appears saying she is not permitted. She calls over a Shift Lead, who does have permission. He enters his PIN and now the Budtender can continue adding the discount. Easy as that!

PIN's are automatically generated when an employee is created. Currently, the only person who can see an employee's PIN is the employee themselves. The employee can go to the Account page in the Back Office to view their PIN.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us. We're always happy to help.

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