Roles and Permissions

Roles and permissions are a great way to control access to information and restrict activities in Green Bits. Here is a basic guide to the four roles that come out of the box with Green Bits:


  • Create Sales (start and update shifts, ring sales, and view products)
  • Alter Sales (apply discounts, create returns and voids)

Shift Lead

All Budtender permissions plus...

  • Manage Shifts (update sales, create cash drops, view shift reports)
  • Analyze Sales (View Sales By reports and Sales Summary report)
  • Access Back Office


All Shift Lead permissions plus...

  • Manage Inventory (receive manifests, create return manifests, adjust inventory, manage products and manage product types)
  • Manage Discounts


All Supervisor permissions plus...

  • Manage Roles
  • Manage Taxes
  • Manage Devices
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Store Settings



Add User from Green Bits on Vimeo.

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