Splitting Lots/Packages

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Green Bits allows you to split lots/packages without ever logging in to your state reporting system. Splitting packages is necessary when you need to return or transfer a portion of a package. For example, when you need to return 25 of 100 chocolate bars that all belong to the same lot or package.

Green Bits recommends always splitting lots/packages when transferring inventory, even if you're transferring the entire remaining quantity of a lot/package. If you transfer a lot or package from which items have been sold, if a customer comes back to return an item that originated from a lot or package that has been transferred out, you will be unable to accept the return, because your store would no longer own the lot or package in question. Splitting the original lot or package, and thereby creating a new lot or package exclusively for the purpose of transferring, avoids this problem.

1. Navigate to the Inventory section of Back Office

2. Select Packages ("Lots" for Washington stores)

3. Find the package/lot to be split

Click Actions > Split for Return or Transfer.

4. Specify the quantity and SKU of the items you are splitting

Note: If you operate in a state where Metrc is the state reporting system, you will be required to enter a new package ID/lot number (case sensitive!) chosen from the tags you have on hand as the Destination Package ID. Washington stores will simply specify the quantity to be split onto a new lot, and a new lot number will be automatically generated. You will receive an email notification with the new lot number once the process is complete.

5. Confirm the changes

Now that you have split your lot or package, you can return or transfer the subset of inventory now that it has its own ID. 

Washington stores can then create a return manifest and complete the transfer process in Green Bits.

Stores operating in Metrc states will create and transfer a return manifest in Metrc.

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