Barcode Scanner Troubleshooting (all models)

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If your Socket Mobile scanner is giving you trouble, follow the steps below to reset and reconnect the device.

Note: the photos below show the CHS Series 7 scanner, but the same steps apply for all Green Bits-compatible Socket Mobile scanners.

1. Forget the device

Tap the “i” icon, then tap “Forget this device”.

We also recommend turning off Bluetooth at this point. If you can, also turn off any other nearby Bluetooth devices.

Tip: if you have multiple registers and you're unsure which scanner is paired with which iPad, compare the MAC address shown in the Bluetooth settings with the last 6 characters in the MAC address on the label on your scanner.

CHS Series 7 Scanner (label is located under the battery panel):

D750 Scanner:

2. Hold down both buttons simultaneously

Listen for three beeps. This deletes the scanner's paired device memory and turns the scanner off.

3. Turn the scanner back on

Hold the small button down until you hear two beeps.

4. Scan this barcode

Scan the barcode above. Listen for multiple beeps. If you don’t hear any, try scanning from different angles, and/or from 1-2 feet away. This barcode resets the device to factory settings. When scanned successfully, the device will automatically turn off.

5. Turn the scanner back on

6. Scan this barcode

If you're setting up this scanner for use with Back Office rather than the register, skip this step.

As before, listen for multiple beeps in different tones before continuing, varying the distance and angle. This barcode activates iOS mode, which is required for proper functionality with the iPad.

7. Tap the device to reconnect

If you turned Bluetooth off earlier, turn it on again now.

You should see a Socket device appear under "Other Devices" in your iPad's Bluetooth settings. Tap to connect.

8. Wait for the device to connect

The device status will change to “Connected”, and should move from "Other Devices" to "My Devices"

Note: the device may initially show up as "Keyboard", but should change to "Socket" after successful pairing.

9. Open the Register app and scan a barcode or QR code.

If the problem persists, contact Customer Success at 877.240.7628,, or start a chat session in Back Office.

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