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You can return both paraphernalia and marijuana products using the Register App. Be aware that local laws may have restrictions on returns.

Once you Return a product on the Register App, your Inventory will be automatically adjusted! The returned product amount will be automatically put right back into your available inventory.

1. Open the Register app.

2. Open the side menu and select Activity.

3. Select a transaction to return.

Search for a transaction by receipt ID, or scroll through the list to see older transactions. You can even search by lot number! 

4. Tap the transaction to see the details, then tap Return.

5. Scan the barcode label for products to be returned, or type the SKU.

6. Tap Return Items to complete the return.

Note: All returns will automatically be assigned to "cash" as the tender type. To change the tender type, edit the field in the Back Office.

Change from cash to debit here: Activity > Receipt > Edit Receipt

7. Print a receipt for the return if needed.

8. The return should now show up in the Activity view.


Tip: In order to do an exchange, return the product as outlined above and sell the replacement product in a new transaction.

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