Installing Beta Register App

Follow these steps to install a beta version of the Register App on your iPad.

1. On your iPad's home screen, tap App Store.

2. Install TestFlight.

Within the App Store, search for "testflight", tap the GET button, and then Install. Depending on your security settings, you may be prompted to enter your Apple ID password.

3. Open the TestFlight app, accept the terms and conditions, and allow notifications.

When you see the prompt "'Test Flight' Would Like to Send You Notifications", tap Allow. This way, the iPad will alert you when new beta versions are available, and also when your beta version has expired.

If your beta version expires, you'll be unable to use the Green Bits app until you either install a newer beta through TestFlight, or revert to the regular, non-beta version of Green Bits.

4. Register for beta access.

Go to our beta registration page and enter your name and your Apple ID email address, then click Get Beta Access.

5. Check your Apple ID email.

Using the Safari web browser or the Mail app on your iPad, check the inbox for your Apple ID email address and find a message with the subject "Green Bits Inc. has invited you to test 'Green Bits Register'". Open this email and click View in TestFlight.

6. Install the beta.

After tapping View In TestFlight, you'll be automatically directed back to the TestFlight app. Tap ACCEPT, and then INSTALL. If you see the message below, tap Install to replace the current app version with the test version. No data will be lost.

Once the installation is complete, open Green Bits and you're ready to go!

7. Install on additional iPads if necessary.

To install the beta version on additional iPads, repeat the above steps except step 4. There is no need to register separately for each iPad. Simply install TestFlight, then log into your Apple ID email address and use the same TestFlight email to access TestFlight and install the beta on additional iPads.

8. Keep beta apps up to date.

Each beta version is only available for 90 days since its release, and the TestFlight app will tell you how many days until your current version expires. Once expired, you'll be unable to access the Green Bits app. If you notice that your beta version will expire soon, or you receive a notification that your beta version has already expired, open TestFlight and you'll see newer available beta versions on the left side. Tap Update to get the latest version. Or, uninstall the beta version and revert to the regular non-beta Register app, which is always available to download and update from the App Store.

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