Getting Started in the Back Office Checklist

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Ready to get started?  By now you have traceability connected and your Green Bits account activated, and it's time to begin setting up your store and entering products.

Below is a list of help articles, and links for the main areas of the Green Bits Back Office ( you will be utilizing. See our page on Vimeo for video tutorials as well.  To set up the Register and more instructions on downloading the Register App, click here.

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    Caitlyn Johnston

    Could you create a complete start-up check list that includes all the necessary hardware?

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    Tracy Wray

    Hi Caitlyn! Thanks for the feedback :-) We include a handy "Hardware Checklist" in each of our hardware setup guides: 

    This helps to ensure that you have all of the hardware you need before you begin your installation. 

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