Combined Tier Pricing

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So you’re selling Deli Style, and want to be able to offer Combined Tier Pricing. Green Bits now has that option!

By utilizing Combined Pricing Tiers, regardless of the pricing tier, you can have products cumulatively count towards the pricing tier of your choice.

Let’s say for product A, 1g costs $10 and 3.5g costs $25. Then for product B, 1g costs $8, while 3.5g costs $20. 

Without Combined Tier Pricing, if a customer wants 2.5g of A and 1g of B, that would cost $25 for A (2.5g at $10/g) and $8 for B. Essentially the customer is paying for each unit based on it's price per item (not the 3.5g all together).

However, with Combined Tier Pricing, if a customer wants those same quantities, they would get the price of that weight combined. This would end up costing $17.85 for 2.5g of A (2.5g at $7.14/g) and $5.71 for 1g of B.

To add this feature, go to the Store Options section of the settings page and check the box for Combine Pricing Tiers.

As always, please reach out if you have any questions!

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    Charlie Cain

    This field no longer exists in the settings. Please update your instructions

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