Set Up Medical Transactions

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Medical integrationis an option available through the back office so you can process both medical and recreationalsales from one register. This feature was developed for stores with a lot of medical traffic looking for an efficient way to handle these transactions while staying compliant by:

  • Verifying patient ID with the DoH during the transactionso you don't have tocheck it manually
  • Providing custom reporting for patient tracking
  • Automatically removing appropriatetaxes

1. Go to Store Options and check the box "Enable Medical Transactions".

2 Go to the Taxes page. Select any taxes that patients should be excluded from (usually sales tax), then select which product types under "exclude patients" to make sure they don't get charged sales tax on those items.

3. When you start a new transaction, you'll be asked to choose between medical and recreational. 

4. Look up the patient. New patients can be added by clicking "Add" on the upper right. Finish out the transaction as usual!

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