Destroying Products in Washington

There are some situations where you might want to destroy product, like if you have sniffer jars from a vendor that's no longer in business. Here's how to take care of that in Green Bits.

1. Go to the Lots page (accessible from the menu on the Inventory page).

2. Enter the full lot number to find the lot you want to destroy. 

3. From the actions dropdown menu on the right, select "Schedule for Destruction"

4. Select a reason and enter a note. Click "OK". Confirm in the next dialog by clicking "Looks Good!"

5. The status for that lot will now change to "Destruction Scheduled".

In 72 hours you will get an email saying the lot is ready to be destroyed. Until that time, you can cancel destruction from the Actions menu.

6. At the 72 hour mark, you can come back to this page to destroy the lot.

In the actions dropdown, "Destroy" will now be available to click. Once you click and confirm the destruction, the status will be changed to "Destroyed" and this cannot be undone; the product must be destroyed.

Tip: You can see all lots with destruction scheduled or that have been destroyed by using the status filter at the top.

Further resources:

WAC 314-55-097: Marijuana waste disposal - Liquids and solids

WAC 314-55-230: Procedures for destruction

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    Peyton Dyer

    So after this process, do we just throw the product in the garbage can, is anyone free to take it? Can you provide a step-by-step process of how this destruction needs to be done?

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    Dawn Darington

    How do we destroy just one item from a lot?

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