Traceability Sync

When you're switching to Green Bits from another point of sale system, you'll first pull in all your inventory data from the state system. You'll then need to create products for each lot number or package ID in Green Bits. When you're done, and right before you start ringing up sales, you'll update the inventory levels to match the state, and be good to go!

Note: From the time you begin the sync, if you accept new products in the state system, you'll need to re-download your inventory to fill in the gaps.


1. Go to the incoming inventory page. In the top right, click the Download Inventory from Traceability button. 

2. Next, under “Accepted (Unassigned Lots)” in the dropdown menu, select the first manifest. For each row on the manifest, you're going to add the product and cost. Don't worry about quantities, those will be updated right before you open with Green Bits.

3. When you click "search for products," look for and click on "add new product" on the upper right. Fill in all the details for that product and press "save" at the bottom.

4. Now you're back on the manifest. Fill in the cost (how much you paid per unit). If you don’t remember, look it up on your paper invoices or old POS. It’s important that this is accurate because we’ll alert you when you’re selling an item below cost based on this number.

5. When you've filled out every row, click the "Save" button on the upper right.

6. Let us know when you're done processing ALL the manifests and when you're done reporting your sales for the day. We'll sync with the state again and update your quantities for each product before you start using Green Bits the next day.

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