Integrated Scale Setup

Before you start: 

  1. You will need your Green Bits Username and Password for your account.
  2. Check your wireless internet connection. Ensure you can load sites (such as from your iPad. 
  3. Make sure that there is an open network port at your router.
  4. Make sure that the router is close enough to the printer that it can be connected by the ethernet cables you will use.  An ethernet connection is necessary because the label printer is not wireless/bluetooth compatible.  Be sure you can physically access your router.
  5. Identify three available power outlets that are nearby.
  6. Make sure you have all the hardware (see below).

Hardware Checklist: 

  1. Barcode label printer (Zebra ZD410 OR Zebra LP 2824)
           Important: Your label printer must have an ethernet port (not USB)
  2. Power cord for barcode label printer
  3. Barcode labels (Thermal Labels)
  4. Scale (A&D FX-300i or 1200i*)
  5. Power cord for the scale
  6. Lantronix 2 Port Ethernet Device Server (UDS2100)
  7. Power cord for the Lantronix
  8. Four Cat5E ethernet network cables - The length will depend on distance between the devices and your router
  9. iPad
  10. iPad charger
  11. Lightning to USB 3 adapter - to connect the iPad to the label printer
  12. USB ethernet adapter
  13. 3' serial cable (RS232)

*Check with the state to make sure you have the legally required scale.

Connect your hardware

Refer to the list above, and to the photo below, to ensure you have all necessary pieces of hardware.

Connect the label printer. Use an ethernet cable to connect the printer to the router. Load in the labels, plug it into a power source and turn the printer on.

Connect the Scale. Connect the power source to the scale. Connect the power source to the Lantronix Serial Adapter. Take the included RS232 Serial cable, use it to connect the scale to the Lantronix Serial Adapter.  Important note - do not use the cable provided with the Lantronix adapter. Use the serial cable that was supplied with your kit.  Use the 4th ethernet cable to connect the Lantronix Adapter to your router. This is how the scale will connect with the internet.

Next, connect the Lantronix Serial Adapter to the router with an ethernet cable.

Connect the iPad. Connect the iPad to the router. Connect the Lightning to USB Camera Adapter to the iPad. From there, connect the Lightning to USB cable to a power source and plug it into the wall. In the other port, connect the USB Ethernet Adapter, and connect that to the router with an ethernet cable. 

Power up the router. Plug the router into its power source and using an ethernet cable, plug into your network port. Do not plug this ethernet cable (or any cable) into the WAN port on the TP Link router. Plug it into any of the other ports. 

Configure the scale

Configure the scale to send weight automatically to the app. 

1. Hold the SAMPLE button
2. When the screen reads bASFnc, press the SAMPLE button until you see dout.
3. Press the PRINT button.
4. If it says prt, press the RE-ZERO button repeatedly until it reads 3. If it does not say prt, press SAMPLE repeatedly until you see prt.
5. Press the PRINT button.

Configure the scale to work with the Lantronix Serial Adapter. 

1. Hold the SAMPLE button until you see bASFnc again, then press SAMPLE repeatedly until you see 5iF
2. Press the PRINT button when scale reads 5iF
3. Press SAMPLE repeatedly until the scale reads bP5
4. Press RE-ZERO repeatedly until the scale reads bP5   4, and/or has 9600 above.
5. Press the PRINT button

6. Hold SAMPLE until the scale reads bASFnc again, then press SAMPLE repeatedly until you see 5iF, then press PRINT.

7. Press SAMPLE repeatedly until the scale reads btPr

8. Press RE-ZERO repeatedly until the scale reads btPr 2 and/or reads 8-N above.

9. Press PRINT

Confirm connections in the Green Bits app

Now that everything is plugged in and the scale is set correctly, the final steps are to confirm the hardware connections in the Register App. From the iPad, navigate to the Register App, enter your PIN, and then click on the menu icon in the upper left corner. Select Settings > Label Printer. Next select the Zebra Label Printer from the list and tap it to connect. It may be listed by its serial number.  You'll see a green check mark on the right-hand side.

 Finally, use the back arrow at the top of the screen to return to the Settings Menu. From Device Setup, select Scale. If you have multiple scales connected to your network, note the serial port number the scale is plugged into and tap to select the correct port in the app:

Setup complete! Now simply select your flower, place product on the scale and and hit the check mark to proceed to the rest of your transaction. The label will print at the end when you hit the tender button.

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