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I'm connected to Leaf Data Systems, where is my incoming inventory? 

Leaf Incoming Inventory Update – 3:30 pm

If you are not seeing incoming inventory in Back Office, please check that the following conditions are met in Leaf Data Systems.

  1. Manifest is not on "Transfer Hold"
  2. Status: "in-transit"

Only manifests that fit these requirements will be able to appear in Back Office. If they are not in https://secure.greenbits.com/incoming_inventory,press the sync button in the top right corner once.

Please note that there is currently a delay in fetching that data and manifests may take up to a couple of hours to appear.



How to enter Leaf Data Systems credentials into Green Bits.

  1. Generate an API key at https://traceability.lcb.wa.gov/ by following these steps: API key retrieval.
  2. Go to https://secure.greenbits.com/traceability in Back Office.
  3. Enter your Leaf license number under MME Code. The MME code will be the letter R followed by your license number.
  4. Enter your Leaf API key
  5. Save

If you can't log into Leaf, please contact their customer support at 888-420-5813 or https://support.secureaccess.wa.gov/sawuser/help/contact-support


Leaf Data Systems will be live Thursday, February 1

Beginning Thursday, February 1, Leaf Data Systems will be operational as the Traceability system for Washington State. 

Is Green Bits fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems?

Yes, Green Bits is fully integrated with Leaf Data Systems and is listed as an official integrator on the Liquor and Cannabis Board website. Green Bits will be migrating all inventory data into Leaf Data Systems. We will begin sending information to Leaf Data System's API on February 1st so that all incoming and outgoing manifests will be routed through the official WSLCB Traceability system. Sales and other inventory activity will be reported to Leaf Data Systems shortly thereafter. 

What do I need to do?

In Leaf Data Systems: 

Log into Leaf Data Systems at https://traceability.lcb.wa.gov/ after it is live on February 1, 2018 at least one time to retrieve an API Key

Instructions on how to generate an API Key can be found here.

This is a unique identifying credential you will supply to Green Bits so we can integrate into Leaf Data Systems on your behalf. 

If your system administrator has changed since the previous traceability system was decommissioned, you will need to contact Leaf Data Systems at 888-420-5813 to update your system administrator. 

In Green Bits:

The most important action you need to take is to add your Leaf Data Systems credentials to the Back Office in Green Bits once they become available on 1/31/2018 

Log into Leaf Data Systems at https://traceability.lcb.wa.gov/ after it is live on February 1, 2018 at least one time to retrieve an API Key

Additionally, we will be updating the Back Office on January 31st to have the following fields:

Please note that it is ok to have both your BioTrack and Leaf Data Systems credentials entered at the same time. Please do not remove your BioTrack credentials.



Important Notes

Pending Manifests

Any pending manifests that have not been accepted before 10pm on 1/31/18 may not transition over to Leaf Data Systems. To avoid manually uploading this data, please accept or reject any pending manifests. If you have any pending manifests that go past midnight, ask the producer to re-manifest them tomorrow using Leaf Data Systems.

If you have any questions, please send us a message at help@greenbits.com

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