Leaf Data Systems FAQ

This page is for common questions about the transition to Leaf Data Systems for Washington Customers.  We will be keeping it up to date as more information is clarified with the LCB. 


A manifest was retransferred to my store in LEAF and is not showing up in my Pending manifests

Manifests have been transferred back with identical Manifest IDs to retailers due to a Leaf Data bug that the LCB has said has been fixed. If you have a manifest that is duplicated, or linked to this bug that was fixed on 02/08, please go into Green Bits incoming inventory tab and confirm that the manifest’s reference ID in Leaf hasn’t already been accepted or rejected previously. (right click the image below and click "Open in new tab" to see the detailed text on the screenshot)


If it has, please contact the producer, have them void this manifest, and transfer it with a unique manifest ID so that it can be imported into Green Bits.


My manifest won’t save, error message “Lot product must be weight based”

Leaf has far less controls implemented in their system than Biotrack Traceability, meaning that it is possible for producers to create non-compliant transfers. This error is indicative of an incorrectly manifested lot being sent as Bulk Flower rather than individual units. 

Any time you see a manifest transferred with a quantity of grams, or if you get this error message, reject the manifest and inform the producer that the item was transferred as bulk product rather than compliant unit based products.


The physical manifest has a different Item ID than the digital manifest in Leaf and Green Bits.

Green Bits can only be  pull in manifest information from Leaf Data and what is transferred to you through the LDS traceability system. Unfortunately, Leaf’s bugs with the Name, Strain, Weight, Sample Results, and Inventory Type etc, is making it difficult for businesses to know which product should be assigned to which item on incoming manifests. 

If your item ID on your physical manifest doesn’t line up with the Lot Number on your Manifest in Green Bits, please contact your producer so that they can confirm for you what the Leaf ID is that is assigned to each of your transferred products.

Alternatively, there may be additional information within the state traceability system that their API can’t send Green Bits due to bugs and you can compare the physical manifest and what is in Leaf to what is in Green Bits to complete your receiving process.

Barcodes are not scanning. What can I do?

Follow the steps in this article in the Leaf Barcodes - How To article

How do I receive legacy barcodes?

If you Manifest has shown up from Leaf Data systems with the correct Lot Number assignments but you have different barcode IDs than what is on your manifest, you can change those.  When you are receiving it, click the edit button the barcode and input the legacy barcode number. This will all you to now scan this item at the register. 

The barcodes are not scanning on new inventory items. 

We have seen several examples of barcodes provided by producers on new inventory that is not scanning. After testing, it seems that some producers are using different encoding formats for their barcodes that may not support the new Leaf Item ID format. There are a few things you can do to correct this problem if you’ve already received inventory that is unscannable.

1) Re-barcode your products from the Green Bits Back Office. Green Bits prints in Code 128, which supports the decimal in the Item ID/Barcode field that is imported from Leaf. 

2) Change the SKU in the Back Office to match what is encoded in the provided label by the producer. While this process has a bit of work required, it will prevent you from having to relabel your inventory.

a) First, you need to identify what data is encoded in the barcode. To do this, download a barcode reader app on any smart device and scan the barcode that isn’t recognizing at the register. This will give you a series of letters and numbers and is what the system is trying to ring up at the POS.

b) After that, go to the product in the Back office and click on Actions > Edit next to the inventory item you are trying to sell.

c) From there, you can edit the Barcode text to be the string of text that was on your barcode reader. 

d) Save the product and refresh the register, and the inventory should then be scannable. 

It will still report to the state with the appropriate Item ID, and the Item ID is still affixed to the label so the product is compliant, but the register will be able to recognize the updated barcode and sell the correct inventory item.

If you have inventory that is unscannable at the register, we strongly suggest that you contact the producer who provided the inventory and ask that they format their future barcodes in Code 128 so that this manual work is not required on your end. 


Am I currently connected to Leaf Data Systems?

We recently re-enabled the Red Traceability banner in the Green Bits back office. If this banner is visible in your back office, the API key saved in https://secure.greenbits.com/traceability is currently being reported as invalid.

To get that connection restored, please follow the steps on this help article: https://help.greenbits.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000541172-How-to-enter-Leaf-Data-Systems-credentials

IMPORTANT: If your Leaf Data account has multiple licenses associated with it, you should only generate one API key and paste that key into all licenses in the Green Bits back office.

Where are my incoming manifests?

In order to receive incoming inventory, your credentials must be valid (you can confirm this from https://secure.greenbits.com/traceability). After confirming this, go to Leaf Data and ensure that the manifest is visible in your system, and that the status of the manifest is In Transit. If the Manifest is not In Transit, (Open, On Hold, etc), then the producer has not released the manifest and it will not show up in Green Bits.

If the manifest is in transit and your credentials are valid, the inventory should show up in Green Bits within 30-60 minutes. If it has not shown up in that time frame, please press the sync button in the Incoming Inventory page and wait an additional 15-30 minutes. If it still doesn't show up after that point in time, please follow up with our support team so that we can take a closer look with our engineers.

My supplier name is missing in my incoming manifest and I can't save!

Our product team is actively investigating reports of this bug preventing manifests from being saved. We will send out updates as soon as we have the issue identified and resolved, but if you are experiencing this issue, please send us a screenshot of the manifest showing the Manifest ID, an example Inventory ID, and the Supplier Name so that we can help get those instances fixed for you.

Where are the testing results/strain information/product weight on incoming inventory?

There is a known bug in Leaf Data's API that prevents that information from being sent to Green Bits automatically. While the information is entered in Leaf, you will need to add those details such as product weight, strain name, etc on new products you are creating manually until Leaf fixes that bug.

Split lots/Return manifest issues

Split lots and return manifests are temporarily disabled in Washington while we work to migrate all of your inventory from Green Bits into the traceability system. As soon as that is completed, we will reach out and notify all licensees that the functionality has been restored. 

Sales and historical inventory not showing up in Leaf

Green Bits will be managing the import of your inventory from Green Bits and the contingency period into Leaf automatically. This will be completed no later than the 15th of February, and we will send out proactive messaging when that is completed. Your store is currently in compliance during the two week grace period

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