Automatically Reduce Open Inventory

The Green Bits team knows that a fast register load time is crucial to quickly checking out customers. Inventory lists with thousands of products can lead to longer load times. 

Green Bits regularly cleans up any inventory that has a quantity of 0 for more than 120 days by marking it as Unsellable. As a result, only current, Sellable inventory will be loaded onto the register which ensures a faster startup time. 

Inventory cleanup is automatic and runs on a daily basis.

What does this mean for returns on the register?

There's also an added benefit. Inventory Managers now have the piece of mind that there is a Return Policy built into the software. 

Removing older inventory ensures that returns and refunds can only be made on relevant items that are less than 120 days old.  

If a product was marked Unsellable and you'd like to still be able to sell it or it's restocked, just mark it as Sellable.  It'll appear on your register after the product is saved.

When you toggle the Sellable status that sets the updated at date to the current date/time and we wont mark it unsellable again for 120 days.

Only .1% (one tenth of one percent) of returns happen after 120 days.

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