Deli-Style Hardware - Weigh Station vs Integrated Scale

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Why weigh specific amounts of flower for the customer in the store?  

Many businesses discover that pre-packaged flower doesn't fully satisfy customer demand.  Often, they want to be in control of the amount of flower they buy, and they may be less interested in buying flower they don’t perceive as fresh.  Selling pre-packaged flower products and flower that customers can buy “deli-style” provides customers with more options. 


Register Integrated Scale & Weigh Station

Once the decision is made to add a deli-style system to the store, the next decision will be whether to weigh the flower separately from the transaction with our Weigh Station or integrate a scale with the Register so that transactions can be completed when the flower is weighed, with our Register Integrated Scale.  


How do customers flow through your store?

Ultimately, the decision has a lot to do with how customers flow through the store.  Though weighing flower at the Register with the Register Integrated Scale may slow down the customer-line, this can be a great fit for stores new to deli-style systems.  It also works well for stores that are small, where setting up multiple work-stations isn't an option.

For physically larger stores, a separate counter for weighing and distributing deli-style flower (similar to the grocery store deli) has many benefits. With a Weigh Station, customers make their flower selections and a Budtender weighs out the product and prints barcodes that will later be scanned at the point-of-sale.  

The Weigh Station will provide customers with needed time and space to learn about the store's flower strains.   Budtenders are able to provide higher customer touch without holding up customers who are ready to make their purchases.  Many Weigh Station users have been able to increase flower sales by creating an area that encourages exploration and discovery and allows customers to make purchases at whatever quantities they choose.

Register Integrated Scale

Connect a scale to the Register, weigh flower at the point-of-sale, and print out package labels during the transaction.

Read more about Register Integrated Scale Setup.


Green Bits Weigh Station

Setup a weigh system completely separate from the point of sale. Give customers more space to explore. Avoid holding up the checkout line. 

Read more about Weigh Station Setup.


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