How to Add Customer Notes

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Customer Notes is an open field on a customer profile that can be used to record any miscellaneous information about your customers, such as:

  • Frequent customers/regulars
  • Difficult customers or customers who have been "86'd"
  • Special customer needs or preferences, such as allergies or disabilities
  • Any other communications about customers between the sales and reception staff

These notes can be edited at any time from either the register app or from Back Office. Any user with the permissions to update customers and patients can add and edit Notes. To increase accountability and foster effective communication among your staff, instruct them to add their initials and date when adding notes.

Note: this feature requires Green Bits Register app version 1.77 (release date March 6, 2018) or higher. Click here to learn how to update the Green Bits app.

Add customer notes at the register

To add or edit customer notes at the register, simply start a transaction and assign a customer. Then tap the View Customer button.

A pop-up window will appear showing customer loyalty points, recent purchases, and the Notes field. Tap anywhere in the notes field and start typing your note. Notes are instantly and automatically saved. When you're finished, tap the X in the upper left corner to return to the transaction screen.

Add customer notes in Back Office

Notes entered in the register app are also immediately accessible in the Back Office, and vice versa. To access and edit notes from Back Office, go to the Customer List and search a customer name. Click the name to open the customer profile, then scroll down.

At the bottom of the customer's profile is the Notes section. Unlike the register app, notes in Back Office are not automatically saved, so be sure to scroll back up to the top an click the Save button when you're finished.

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