Leaf FAQ - Conversions & Accepting Weight Based Products

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I thought I’m not allowed to sell Weight-Based Inventory in Washington?

According to the "3rd Party Integrators Meeting" hosted by the LCB on March 7, 2018, the LCB has confirmed that as long as your physical inventory is pre-packaged, you can track your inventory however you want. As long as physical inventory is pre-packaged in your store, reporting can be in grams/ounces or units. 


Why are grams popping up on my register now?

You haven't converted your inventory! If you don't Convert your Inventory then our register will see this as a Weight-Based product. If it's seen as a weight-based product on the Register, the Register App will ask you "How many grams are in this unit?" and your Budtenders will need to manually enter during each transaction.

Please note - You will still be compliant if you sell this item on your register after you enter the gram amount at the Register. As long as the physical inventory is prepackaged in your store, the LCB will allow you to report this sale in grams/ounces instead of units. 


Why do I now have a "Print Labels" button in the register?

This is used in other markets for "deli-style" flower sales at the register. Because all inventory in Washington is pre-packaged and pre-labeled, this is not applicable for Washington users.


Why do I have to convert?

Leaf Data Systems has allowed Producers to enter product as weight-based items. BioTrack limited producers to enter unit ased products on your manifests and helped to enforce unit-based inventory in the industry.  Since your lots now appear on the Manifest as weight-based but you sell these items at the register as a unit, you must first convert.

Converting will allow you to mark a weight-based item from your incoming manifest to a unit-based item to sell on the register. During the conversion process you can assign a weight to your unit to make sure to not sell over your transaction limits.


Why can’t I use the same Barcode SKU when converting?

In general, you can only use each barcode once in Green Bits because if there were more than 1 barcode tied to multiple products in the Back Office, it would be impossible to track.  We wouldn’t know what you were actually scanning. Green Bits could not distinguish between one product to the next, and therefore what you were actually selling on the register. 

When you're converting, we advise you to use a Placeholder Weight-based Product before you convert.  Even though you have one physical product, for Green Bits to be able to accept weight-based items you have to create a Bulk Flower product as a placeholder.  Both of these products cannot share the same SKU because we consider them "two" different products.  To Green Bits, they are separate products, but they are representing the same physical item.

Work-Around: See below -  How can I prevent re-printing all of my Barcodes?

How can I prevent re-printing all of my Barcodes?

We realize what we’re about to suggest could be fairly confusing.  We are working hand in hand with the design team to make this flow easier for customers, but we wanted to provide a way for you to accept and sell inventory asap.  

In order to understand the workaround, please be sure to watch the video and read how to Convert Inventory.

Since you cannot use the same barcode SKU twice, you’ll need to make sure that the original Bulk Weight Placeholder Product has a different barcode SKU than the Converted Unit-Based Product.


Here’s a way to prevent reprinting all of your barcodes:

  1. Edit your Barcode, and add a “ZZ” at the beginning of each of your barcodes when accepting your Inventory Manifest.

  2. Follow the instructions to Convert Inventory.
  3. On your conversion screen (step 4), copy the barcode number from the Placeholder Bulk Product, paste it into the new barcode, and delete the “ZZ” in the barcode field. This will now be your original Barcode Number, preventing you from reprinting these barcodes.

4. Complete the conversion process.

This will allow you to keep the Lot Number as the original Barcode SKU.  If you do not edit the SKU on the Incoming Manifest, then you will be forced to use a brand new barcode & print a brand new barcode. 


When should I convert my inventory?

Use this diagram below to help determine when you should be converting inventory in the system:  



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