Entering your Traceability Credentials: Metrc API Keys

Your Metrc API key is like a password that allows Green Bits to access and sync with your Metrc account. 

The API key is obtained from Metrc and then entered into the Traceability Settings in Green Bits. This is one of the key steps in your initial setup with Green Bits, though you may need to repeat this process periodically for a variety of reasons, which is covered in more detail below.

Important Note: Metrc API keys are user-specific, rather than location-specific. If your company has multiple retail locations, see Important notes for multi-location companies below.

Obtain your API key from Metrc and enter into Green Bits

What happens if your API key is invalid

Reasons why you may need to update your API key

Obtain your API key from Metrc and enter into Green Bits

If you have been recently licensed by your state authorities and have just obtained your Metrc login credentials for the first time, see FAQ: Metrc Migration Process.

Log in to Metrc as a user with sales reporting permissions. The API key is associated with a specific Metrc user, and that user must have sales reporting permissions in order to generate an API key that will provide Green Bits access to report sales.

  1. Click your user profile in the upper right and select API Keys.
  2. Click Generate. A new API key will populate in the Current API Key field.
  3. Select and copy the chain of numbers and letters that populates.
  4. Go to Traceability Settings in Green Bits and paste the key into the API Key field, then click Save.

Remember: an API key is like a password. Do not print, write down, or share your API key under any circumstances.

What happens if your API key is invalid

Your API key is essential to compliance because it allows Green Bits and Metrc to communicate. If your API key is invalid, you will not be able to:

  • Receive new inventory into Green Bits
  • Report sales to Metrc
  • Report any inventory adjustments, package merges, package splits, etc., to Metrc

You will still be able to make sales, and also make inventory adjustments in Green BIts, however none of these will report to Metrc until a valid API key is entered into Green Bits. Any unreported sales or inventory actions will then auto-report with their original times stamps.

Why you may need to update your API key

In many cases, you will only need to perform the above steps when you first get started with Green Bits, or when you first receive your Metrc credentials. There are, however, various reasons why you may need to update your API key:

  • The user who originally generated the API key is terminated, or their sales reporting permissions are removed
  • The user who originally generated the API key has had their location access settings changed
  • Metrc user name changes
  • Metrc may, at their discretion, occasionally invalidate API keys as a security measure
  • You see a "We've stopped syncing with the state" error message in Back Office. This usually indicates one of the above scenarios. If this error message does not disappear after regenerating your API key, contact Green Bits support for further assistance.

Important notes for multi-location companies

Depending on the circumstances, you may need to enter the same API key into Green Bits for multiple locations.

As mentioned above, the API key is user-specific, rather than location-specific or license-specific. This means the same API key is valid for any and all locations/licenses to which a user has access in Metrc.

For example, if you are the admin for multiple stores, generating a new API key for one location also updates the API key in Metrc for all locations that you have access to. Thus, be sure to paste the new API key into Green Bits Traceability Settings for all locations you administer.

Conversely, if you are with a multi-location chain, but only work a specific location, any API key you generate is valid only for your location, and similarly in this case you need to update the API key in Green Bits for your location only.

As mentioned in the previous section, if the user who originally generated your Metrc API key is terminated or their sales reporting permissions are removed, this will cause a syncing error. This can be resolved by having any active user with sales reporting permissions log in to Metrc and generate a new key, then paste the key into Green Bits.

If you're unsure of your access or permissions, contact Metrc support.

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