FAQ: Metrc migration process

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This information currently applies to Green Bits customers in Montana, California, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

When your state adopts traceability or track and trace through Metrc, your inventory needs to be migrated. Once your inventory is migrated, Green Bits automatically reports to Metrc for you.

It is important that you follow our directions exactly in order for the migration process to be successful.


How do I start the migration process?

Apply for your license through your state's licensing agency.

What is happening during the overnight migration?

Green Bits uploads your existing products and quantities into Metrc during your migration. This creates your initial inventory in Metrc so you can report to your state agency successfully and compliantly.

How long does the migration process take?

The entire migration process can take several weeks, but the interruptions to your business will be minimal. Green Bits schedules the migration of your inventory to happen overnight, so it will not interfere with your business hours.

Can I make sales during the overnight migration?

No. However, Green Bits schedules the overnight migration to accommodate your schedule and to avoid downtime.

How do I report sales to Metrc that I make during the migration process?

You don't! As soon as we complete your migration, Green Bits begins automatically reporting sales to Metrc for you. The migration process also includes reporting historical sales that occurred between when you applied for your license and when we completed your overnight migration.

Can I make inventory adjustments or audits during the migration process?

No. Do not make inventory adjustments or do inventory audits in Green Bits during your migration process.

Green Bits will work with you to schedule your migration to happen overnight, so downtime will be minimal.

What are tags for?

Metrc package tags (also known as package IDs) are unique identifiers used to track cannabis products from seed to sale. Metrc requires you to purchase a tag for every item in your inventory. You will purchase additional tags from Metrc as you add more items to your inventory.

Cannabis producers are also required to purchase and use tags to track all items. The tag stays with the product even as it's transferred from facility to facility.

I was told to order tags during Metrc training. Should I?

Yes. Follow our directions so that you order enough to track all of your current inventory, plus some additional tags for returns and items you may have missed in your inventory.

If run out of tags during the migration process, Green Bits will no longer be able to automate the process for you, forcing you and your staff to manually migrate your own inventory.

How many tags do I need?

You need a package tag for each cannabis product that your store sells, plus a buffer for any missed and returned products. It is important to have a buffer of tags during your migration because the migration will fail if you run out of tags.

You can use any leftover tags for new products that your store will carry in the future.

What types of products are tracked in Metrc?

Your state agency requires all products containing THC to be tracked in Metrc.

For all states other than Oregon, you do not have to track the following items:

  • Hemp-derived products
  • Products containing CBD (but no THC)
  • Non-cannabis merchandise and paraphernalia

For Oregon, you do not have to track the following items:

  • Non-cannabis merchandise and paraphernalia

Your inventory processes for these items remain the same as it is now.

Can I use my existing SKUs?

Yes. Green Bits associates your existing SKUs and product names to the tags you purchased in Metrc during your migration.

Do I need to create items in Metrc?

No! Do not create items in Metrc.

If you create items in Metrc, Green Bits will no longer be able to automate the process for you, forcing you and your staff to manually migrate your own inventory.

Should I assign package IDs to items in Metrc?

No! Do not assign package IDs to items in Metrc.

If you assign package IDs to items in Metrc, Green Bits will no longer be able to automate the process for you, forcing you and your staff to manually migrate your own inventory.

What shouldn't I do during the migration process?

Do not create items in Metrc or assign package IDs to items in Metrc at any time.

Do not do any audits or adjustments in Green Bits during the overnight migration.

What should I expect after the migration process is complete?

Migration information by state


On May 18, 2018, California extended temporary licenses for 90 days. Green Bits strongly recommends taking advantage of the extension and not applying for your permanent license at this time.

If you do apply for your permanent license now, follow these directions so Green Bits can migrate your inventory to Metrc.


Massachusetts has not announced a deadline yet. Green Bits will update this page when we have more information.


Michigan is scheduling inspections currently. Once you have your inspection and receive your approval, you will be eligible to take Metrc training.


You must be credentialed into Metrc by September 3, 2018.

You will need to migrate your inventory 100 tags at a time, since the Montana state agency allows you to order only 100 tags at a time.

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