Create & Transfer Return Manifests in Washington

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Any time you need to return inventory to a vendor, or transfer to another facility, create a return manifest in Green Bits following the steps below.

Before we begin

  • Note that although you can create a return manifest at any time, it's important not to transfer the manifest until the receiving party takes physical possession of the inventory. Clicking "Transfer" in Green Bits immediately indicates to the state that you are no longer in possession of the inventory and ownership of items is being transferred to the receiving party.
  • We recommend splitting lots before creating a return manifest, even if you are returning the full remainder of the lot. The reason for this is that if you return the original lot number/SKU to the vendor, and a customer later comes back to return an item that belonged to a lot that has since beent transferred, you will be unable to accept the return.

1. Navigate to Return Inventory

2. Fill in the details of your return

Please fill out all fields completely and submit this form at least 6 hours before your inventory is scheduled for pickup.

Doing so ensures that your return manifest is successfully submitted before pickup. This is required by the LCB and Leaf Data Systems.

  • Pick Up Time: Estimated date and time that the vendor or courier is scheduled to pick up the items to be returned.
  • Transportation Type: Select either Vendor Pickup or Third Party Courier.
  • Notes: Optional field for any important notes you wish to attach to this manifest.

Next, add the lot numbers you'll be returning. Note that this may not be the same as the SKU number used for scanning at the register, AND that this is case-sensitive. Be sure to capitalize all letters in the lot number.

As noted in on the return manifest page, you cannot return a partial lot. If you are not returning the full remainder of a lot, split the quantity to be returned onto a new lot number.

Next, fill in the Destination Information. This will include the name of the licensee you're returning to (please use the official name as listed on - no abbreviations, please!) and their 6-digit WSLCB license number. Please double-check that the information you are entering here matches the state records on Any inaccuracies in this section will hold up the return.

Lastly, fill in Transporter Information. If you are using the Third Party Courier option, the only required information is the courier name and license number (again, check with the courier or check the official state records on to ensure you have the correct name and license number).

If using the Vendor Pickup option, you'll need each of the following. The vendor should be able to provide you with all of this information:

  • Driver's legal name
  • Transporter ID
  • Driver's date of birth
  • Vehicle VIN number
  • Vehicle year, color, make, and model
  • Vehicle license plate number

3. Submit the manifest to Leaf Data Systems

Click Save in the upper right to submit the manifest for processing. This will return you to the Return Manifests page, and the manifest you've just created will be shown here with status of "Added". This indicates that Green Bits has uploaded the manifest to Leaf Data Systems.

Note that return manifests cannot be edited once you've saved them. If you make a mistake or need to add more lots to a return manifest, delete the manifest and re-create it.

Within approximately 1 hour, Leaf Data Systems will confirm receipt of the manifest to Green Bits (you'll also receive an email notification), and Green Bits will update to show the Manifest ID (auto-generated by Leaf), the status will change to "Waiting", and 3 options will be displayed on the right:

  • PDF - generates a printer-friendly PDF copy of the manifest. You'll need to print this and provide it to the driver.
  • Transfer - completes the return by officially transferring ownership of the listed lots to the vendor. Click this button only after the driver takes physical possession of the inventory. This transfer is immediately reported to the state.
  • Void - deletes the return manifest from both Leaf Data Systems and from Green Bits. This action cannot be undone.

Once the vendor has picked up the inventory and you've clicked Transfer in Green Bits, the manifest will be listed as "Transferred" and will remain in the list for your records. You can download a PDF of the manifest at any time.

You may also Void the manifest at this point, so long as the vendor hasn't already accepted the transfer in Leaf Data Systems. If you've inadvertently transferred a manifest that isn't ready to be picked up, Void the manifest as soon as possible and then re-create it.

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