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After you give access to your employees by creating users, you can edit the user information in their profiles, change their Pin, and remove access for former employees.

Edit users

To edit a user profile, go to the Settings gear > Users and select the pencil icon next to the user you want to edit.

Edit other users

If you have Manage Users permissions, you can edit other users. You are directed to the Edit Users page when you select the pencil icon next to other users. You do not have to enter a password to save these changes.

Make changes, and select Save.

Edit your own profile

If you are editing your own user profile, you are directed to the Account Settings page where you can update your username, first name/last name, email, password, or Pin.

You cannot change your own Role or Locations. Ask another user with Manage Users permissions to make these changes for you.

Enter your password, and select Save.

Change PIN

To change a user's PIN (the 4-digit code used to sign in to the Register):

  1. Select the regenerate button. The field will change to "A new pin will be generated..."
  2. Select Save.
  3. Select Users, and the new PIN appears next to the user in the Users list.

Delete users and remove access

While you do have the option to delete a user, deleting a user will also delete reporting data associated with that user.

It is best practice to create a new Role for former employees with no permissions. This way you can prevent certain users such as terminated employees from accessing Green Bits without losing associated reporting data.

User information

  • Username - The users you create use this to log in to Back Office (if you grant them access to Back Office) and can also be used to sign in to the Register.
  • First and Last Name - This information displays in the register app and in Back Office, but is not customer-facing and does not appear on receipts.
  • Email 
    • Green Bits sends reports to this email address, if a user requests them, and automated inventory notifications.
    • Green Bits also uses this email address for password verification and can be used as an alternate way to log in to Back Office or the register.
    • The email address must be unique across all of Green Bits. This means that, if you are adding users who worked at another company that also used Green Bits, their email address is already in the Green Bits system. To work around this, add a + and the name of your store to the email address. For example, if the original email address is, enter 
  • Password - The user uses this password to log in to Back Office. This can also be used at the register. Once created, users can change their own password.
  • Role - You can change the user's role to an existing role or create a new role.
  • Pin - After you save this new user, the system assigns a random 4-digit Pin for the user, which is the primary way the user signs into the register.
  • Accessible Locations - Select all of the Locations that you want this user to access. They will use the same username, password, and Pin for all locations. You must select at least one location.
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