Maryland Metrc API Access Temporarily Suspended

UPDATE: Green Bits API access is restored.


Our API key has been temporarily suspended by Metrc. Green Bits depends on Metrc’s API to keep our customers compliant and to report sales.

We are currently unable to access Metrc’s API. This affects Green Bits users from being able to verify patient IDs, utilize the customer queue, and prevents sales from processing at the register.

We are one of the largest Cannabis POS systems in Maryland and we are tightly integrated with Metrc’s API. Metrc temporarily suspended our API key due to the frequency and volume of data that we send via their API.

We understand how important it is to be able to process sales, and that not being able to connect to the traceability system affects our customer’s core business.

Our CTO and CEO have been communicating with Maryland and Metrc to work on a long-term solution to avoid similar situations from occurring in the future. In the coming hours, our API access will be restored and you will be able to process sales again.

Any sales made directly in Metrc during the outage should be voided in Metrc and re-entered into your Green Bits register. Doing this will ensure that your sales and inventory data is accurate in both Green Bits and the traceability system. Please note that this a direct request from Metrc in Maryland, so this will not cause you to be out of compliance.

To expedite the restoration of our API access to Metrc, they have requested we reduce the frequency of API calls by temporarily disabling Incoming Manifests. This means you will be unable to accept incoming inventory at this time.

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