Nevada: Sales to medical patients at dual-licensed (med/rec) stores

Updated June 8, 2018

Before June 6, 2018, if you are a dual-license cannabis store in Nevada, you make recreational and medical sales under a single license. On June 6, 2018, Nevada issued a rule change that requires you to sell dual-license (med/rec) products intended for medical sale from a medical license.

What should I do now?

While we work with Nevada officials to gain clarity on the new regulations, we recommend that you sell dual-licensed products to patients as customers to ensure these no longer get submitted to the state as patient sales.

How do I do that?

  1. If you have high-potency, medical-only product, Green Bits recommends that you pull them from your sales floor.
  2. Disable Medical transactions in your Green Bits back office.
  3. Manage cost expectations for your medical patients. Some stores have chosen to create a patient discount so that their medical patients pay a price that is similar to what they expect.
  4. When medical patients want to purchase products from your store, ring up their sales exactly as you would for any other customer and, if you choose, apply any new discounts for patients that you set up.

How do I disable medical transactions in Green Bits?

  1. Log in to your Green Bits Back Office.
  2. Select the settings gear. 
  3. Select Store Options.
  4. Scroll down to Medical Options, and uncheck Enable Medical Transactions.

What will happen when I disable Medical transactions in Green Bits?

  • If you set up any taxes to Exclude Patients, this will no longer apply, since you will only make customer sales for now. 
  • When an existing medical patient comes in to your store, you will no longer be able to add them to the customer queue. Add the patient as a new customer.
  • When you are ringing sales, you will no longer have to select Medical or Recreational.
  • You will no longer apply patient pricing.

What do I do with my high-potency, medical-only products?

Green Bits is working with Nevada officials to clarify next steps and will update you and this page with specific next steps when we know more.

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