Give access to Green Bits by adding users

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Access to adding users depends on your role and permissions.

When you add a user, you give access to your Green Bits account to that user. You can add your employees, your IT consultant, your business partner, your investors, and anyone else you want to have access to your Green Bits account.

Note: Adding your employees as users is different than adding Employees in Green Bits.

You specify what users can do in Green Bits by assigning roles. Roles give permissions on a detailed level. For example, when you assign the Budtender default role, that user can apply discounts to sales but cannot create new discounts.

Add a user

Before you add users, review the default roles available in Green Bits. If those roles don't work for your business, create custom roles with the permissions you want first, and then add users.

To add a user:

  1. Log in to Green Bits Back Office.
  2. Select the Settings gear > Users.
  3. Select Add User.
  4. Decide what Username and Password you want this user to use when signing in to the Back Office, and enter them.
    A good practice for usernames is to use first initial and last name.
    There are no restrictions on passwords.
  5. Enter the user's Name and Email.
    The Email must be unique across all of Green Bits.
  6. Select a Role.
  7. Skip Pin. It is generated automatically when you save the user.
    Pins are used to sign in to Registers.
    If you ever forget your Pin, look it up by going to the Settings gear > Users.
  8. Select all of the Locations that you want this user to access. They will use the same username, password, and Pin for all locations.
  9. Select Save.

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