Connect Green Bits and Metrc to stay compliant

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This information applies to Green Bits customers in states that use Metrc. If you are in a state that is in the process of adopting Metrc, refer to the Metrc migration process FAQ instead.

You must report cannabis sales to your state through Metrc or you could be fined and/or lose your license. You could report sales manually, but Green Bits saves you time and reports sales for you.

To connect Green Bits to your Metrc account, add your license number and API key to the Traceability page. If you follow the guidelines for working in Green Bits and restrict the tasks you do in Metrc, you can stay in compliance.

Connect your Green Bits account to Metrc

This is a one-way relationship: Green Bits reports to Metrc, but if you make changes to your inventory in Metrc, that change won't be reported to Green Bits.

1. What to do in Metrc

  1. In Metrc, verify that you have the correct permissions.
    If you don't have the correct permissions in Metrc and you complete this procedure, your account will fail to report correctly and you will be out of compliance.
  2. Select your user profile > API Keys.
  3. Select Generate.
  4. Copy the entire API key from the Current API Key field.

2. What to do in Green Bits Back Office to connect to Metrc

  1. In Green Bits Back Office, select the Settings gear.
  2. Select Traceability.
  3. Enter the license number that you received from the state when your license was approved.
  4. Paste your API key.
  5. Select Save Traceability Settings.
  6. For stores that have multiple locations:
    • If you have access to your license in Metrc for multiple locations, complete these steps for each location in Green Bits using the same API key. 
    • If you do not have access to your license in Metrc for your other locations, have the person with access complete all of the steps in this procedure, using a different API key for each location in Green Bits.

Once you connect your account, Green Bits automatically reports to Metrc according to your state's requirements, so sales might not appear on your Metrc account immediately.

Do I need to do anything in Metrc after I connect my account?

When you work in Green Bits, you don't need to manually report your sales to Metrc. There are a few tasks you will always need to do in Metrc:

  • Purchase tags: Purchase tags from Metrc for your inventory.
  • Accept manifests: After you request a package from your producer, accept the manifest in Metrc.
  • Transfer inventory: If you need to return products or transfer part of a package to another store, transfer inventory in Metrc.

You should not do anything else in Metrc. If you do anything else in Metrc, your sales may not report correctly and you may be out of compliance.

What else do I need to know to stay compliant?

Green Bits works with Metrc. Green Bits reports your cannabis sales to Metrc, and your state uses Metrc to make sure your cannabis sales are compliant with cannabis laws.

You may know traceability through Metrc as track and trace, state tracking, seed-to-sale tracking, your state system, or end-to-end trace and track. No matter what you call it, there are a few guidelines to remember to stay compliant once you connect your Green Bits account to Metrc.

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