Add and manage your inventory

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After you set up your store in the Back Office, you can receive your inventory and assign it to products. Once you are done with this training, your inventory will be in Green Bits, and you can move on to setting up your hardware.

Follow these steps to add and manage your inventory

  1. Products and product types:
  2. Add your inventory and associate it with products:
  3. Learn how to manage your inventory:
    • Discover the difference between products and inventory items.
    • Learn why you would set an inventory status for products and inventory items: For Sale, Not for Sale, and Archived.
    • Learn how to convert products:
      • If you prefer that products are sold individually (like a pre-roll) rather than by weight (like bulk flower), you can convert your bulk flower into pre-rolls.
      • If you want to combine several products that are sold individually into a package (like combining 3 pre-rolls into a pack), you can convert pre-rolls into packs.
    • Learn how to adjust inventory when your inventory changes due to incorrect counts or product drying.
  4. Learn how to print labels for your cannabis products:
  5. Learn how to print barcodes on your labels for easy scanning at the register.

Watch this video for an overview of managing your inventory in Green Bits:

What's next

Great job adding your inventory! You can start  setting up your hardware now.

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