Set up your store in the Back Office

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You can set up Green Bits according to your store's needs. After you follow this training, your store will be set up in Green Bits, and you can move on to adding your inventory.

Follow these steps to set up your store in the Back Office

  1. Navigate: Find your way around Green Bits.
  2. Traceability: Connect Green Bits to your state traceability system to stay compliant:
  3. Access:
    • Review roles and permissions in Green Bits to see if default roles fit your business needs or if you need to create custom roles.
    • Give access to your Green Bits account to your employees by adding users.
  4. Pricing and sales settings:
  5. Loyalty programs: Set up loyalty programs for returning customers.
  6. Menu feeds: Set up your store on menu feeds like Weedmaps and Baker.

Watch this video for an overview of setting up your store in the Back Office:

What's next

Great job setting up your store in the Back Office! You can start adding your inventory now.

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