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This information applies to current Green Bits customers in Montana, California, Massachusetts, and Michigan.

When your state adopts traceability or track and trace through Metrc, your inventory needs to be migrated. Once your inventory is migrated, Green Bits automatically reports to Metrc for you.

Start of your migration process: When you receive both your license number from your state and your username and password from Metrc.

End of your migration process: When Green Bits completes the overnight migration of your inventory.

There are a few things you'll need to do so Green Bits can migrate your inventory, and there are a few things you'll need to avoid.

What to avoid

  • In Metrc, do not create items at any time. You will be told to create items during your training with Metrc, but you don't need to - Green Bits does it for you!
  • In Green Bits, do not make sales, inventory adjustments, or audits during your scheduled overnight migration.

If you don't follow this process, you could cause inventory errors, manual migration work for you and your staff, fees for professional services, and potential store closure to make sure you are compliant.

Migrate your inventory

  1. Check our migration information by state to see if there are specific instructions for your state.
  2. If your store is in Montana, skip this step. For all other states, go to your Green Bits Back Office and figure out the number of package tags that you need to purchase:
    1. Go to Inventory > Products.
    2. If there are any filters, remove them.
    3. Select Export > Products.
    4. Download and open the spreadsheet that Green Bits emails to you.
    5. Sort the spreadsheet by Category.
    6. Delete all of the rows that don't have Marijuana under Category.
    7. Multiply the row number of the last row times 1.35.
      For example, if the last row number is 100, you should order 135 tags (100 x 1.35).
  3. On the Metrc website, purchase the number of package tags that you calculated. If your store is in Montana, order 100 tags.
    Make sure these are package tags and not plant tags.
  4. Receive the tags in your Metrc account.
  5. Take a screenshot for confirmation that you received the tags.
  6. Take note of the first and last numbers of your tags. If all of your tags are not in sequential order, take note of the first and last numbers of each group of tags.
  7. Create a secret link to your Metrc API key:
    1. Log in to Metrc and make sure you have the correct permissions
    2. Generate an API Key in Metrc and copy it.
    3. Go to onetimesecret.com.
    4. In Secret content goes here, paste the API key.
    5. Skip the passphrase.
    6. From Lifetime, choose 7 days.
    7. Select Create a secret link.
    8. From Share this link, copy the secret link.
  8. Send an email to help@greenbits.com with this information:
    • Your store name.
    • Your license number.
    • The number of tags you purchased.
    • The first and last number of your tags.
    • The screenshot confirmation that you received your tags in Metrc.
    • The secret link to your API key.
    • Your store's business hours, including your time zone. The overnight migration will be scheduled to happen overnight, outside of business hours.

What happens next?

Green Bits responds to your email to let you know when your overnight migration will take place. Make sure you don't make sales, inventory adjustments or audits in Green Bits during your overnight migration.

You'll receive an email confirmation that your migration is complete and that you are automatically reporting to Metrc!

For more information: FAQ: Metrc migration process

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