Control access to Green Bits by creating and editing roles

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A role is a set of permissions. Those permissions control what users can and can't do in your Green Bits account.

For example, when you assign the Budtender default role, that user can apply discounts to sales but cannot create new discounts.

Review the default roles to see if they work for your business. If they don't, you can either change the default roles or create new, custom roles.

Create new roles and edit default roles

  1. Go to the Back Office > Settings gear > Roles.
  2. Select an existing role or, if you want to create a new role, select Add Role.
  3. For new roles, add a Name for the role.
  4. Select all of the permissions that you want this role to have.
    • Select Advanced if you want to choose individual permissions.
    • If you want to remove a permission from this role, uncheck it.
    • If you want to add permission, check it.
  5. Select Save.
  6. Assign this role to some users.

What roles and permissions should I consider?

  • Compliance permissions: There are a few permissions that can help you stay compliant: Skip sales warning, Manually verify age, and Manually add sales.
  • Access Back Office permission: Some permissions won't work unless you also select the Access Back Office permission for that role. Refer to the Roles and permissions doc to see which permissions require Access Back Office.
  • Adjust inventory permission: The Adjust inventory permission allows the user to adjust inventory because of an incorrect count or product drying. Since this is a powerful permission that allows changes to inventory, consider restricting who has this permission for better accountability.
  • Receptionist role: If your store has a receptionist who checks-in customers and does not make sales, consider creating a Receptionist role with these permissions:
    • Access Back Office
    • Manage patients
    • From the Manage employees permission group > View employees and Update employees permissions
    • From the Manage Loyalty Program, Rewards, and Points permission group > View Loyalty Rewards and Adjust Loyalty Points permissions

Delete roles

You cannot delete a role if there are any users assigned to that role. If you want to delete a role that has users, assign those users to another role first, and then delete the role.

What's next?

Learn how to change your role or other users' roles and edit other user profile information.

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