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What is a sync?

A Metrc sync is an automated process that updates all package quantities in Green Bits so that they match those in Metrc. Under normal circumstances, this is not necessary, as Green Bits automatically reports all sales and inventory adjustments to Metrc so that both systems show identical sales and inventory, but in cases where Green Bits and Metrc get out of sync (for various reasons discussed in more detail below), Green Bits Support can perform a sync for you to correct discrepancies between the two systems.

A sync performed by Green Bits does not affect Metrc in any way. This process identifies any and all discrepancies in package quantities between the two systems and adjusts the Green Bits quantities to match those in Metrc. Packages with no discrepancy will not be affected.

A sync is strictly one-way. If your Green Bits quantities are accurate, but Metrc quantities are inaccurate, a sync will not resolve the issue. On the contrary, this will change all Green Bits quantities to match the inaccurate quantities in Metrc.

If you find that your Green Bits inventory is accurate, but Metrc inventory is not, Green Bits Support will evaluate your specific situation to determine the issue and resolve it as soon as possible.

Can I sync inventory quantities on my own?

No. Only Green Bits Support can do this on your behalf. The reason for this is that in some cases a sync may cause more problems than it solves, or there may be a better way to correct your particular inventory problem. Our support agents will evaluate your specific situation to determine the best course of action. 

What causes Green Bits to get out of sync with Metrc?

Keep in mind that the integration between Green Bits and Metrc is not necessarily a two-way street. Green Bits reports all actions to Metrc, but only certain actions in Metrc are reported back to Green Bits, namely accepting and transferring packages.

The most common reasons why the two systems can get out of sync include, but are not limited to:

  • Package adjustments done in Metrc
  • Sales manually uploaded to Metrc
  • Voids or returns done in Metrc
  • Editing sales receipts in Metrc
  • Creating a package from an existing package in Metrc (this should be done in Green Bits using the Split for Return or Transfer or Merge Packages features)
    • In this scenario, the new package you created in Metrc will appear in Incoming Inventory in Green Bits, but the quantity of the original packages will not update automatically
    • For example, if Package A and Package B have 50 units each, and they're merged into a new Package C in Metrc instead of in Green Bits, Package C will appear in Green Bits Incoming Inventory with 100 units, but your original Packages A and B will still show 50 units each in Green Bits, even though they are now 0 units and "finished" in Metrc.

If I have a discrepancy on a single package, can't I just fix it by making an adjustment?

It depends.

If Green Bits and Metrc show different quantities for the same package, making an adjustment in Green Bits will not resolve the issue, for the following reasons:

  • There is no way to make an adjustment in Green Bits without reporting the same adjustment to Metrc. The integration between Green Bits and Metrc is "all or nothing" - we cannot report actions on some packages but not others, or deliberately block a particular action from being reported to Metrc.
  • Green Bits reports adjustments BY an amount, not TO an amount. For example, if for whatever reason there is a package showing 2 units in Green Bits, and 1 unit in Metrc, but in fact this package is sold out and should be 0 units in both systems, adjusting Green Bits from 2 to 0 will not adjust Metrc to 0 as well. Instead, this will subtract 2 from Metrc, and you'll end up with a quantity of negative 1 in Metrc, and therefore the two systems will, as before, still show a discrepancy of 1 unit.

However, if there is a minor discrepancy due to an adjustment done in Metrc, and Green Bits shows an accurate quantity, you can correct the quantity in Metrc. Because Metrc does not report adjustments back to Green Bits, Green Bits will be unaffected and remain accurate.

How do I request a sync?

Contact Green Bits Support by emailing help@greenbits.com or chat with us in the Back Office. There are a few standard pieces of information we'll ask of you:

  1. Which location(s) need a sync? A sync is specific to one Metrc license. If you have multiple store locations, or if you operate in a state that requires separate licenses for recreational and medical sales, please specify which one(s) need to be synced. We can sync multiple locations/licenses simultaneously.
  2. A description of why you're requesting a sync or what discrepancy you're seeing. Please be specific and provide a SKU and/or package ID, the specifics of the discrepancy, and an export or screenshot from Metrc showing the package history. If there are many discrepancies across multiple packages, select a few good examples of what you're seeing - no need to detail all of them.
  3. The true quantity on hand, and/or confirm which system is actually correct.

What happens next?

A Green Bits Support agent will determine if a sync is the best course of action, and may ask additional questions.

If it's determined that a sync is not the best course of action, Green Bits Support will explain why and provide next steps.

Otherwise, no further action is required from you. Green Bits will schedule the sync to occur outside of business hours, typically between 3am and 4am local time. The sync process itself usually takes no more than a few minutes, though this may vary depending on the size of your inventory and the number of discrepancies.

Can I request an immediate sync, or a sync at a specific time?

No. Syncs can only be performed outside of business hours.

Except where required by law, Green Bits does not report sales or inventory adjustments to Metrc in real time, but rather reports sales and inventory adjustments in batches approximately once per hour.

Because of this, during your business day quantities in Metrc may not be accurate up-to-the minute. If a sync occurs while you're actively making sales - especially during a busy time of day - this could potentially cause many more discrepancies across hundreds of packages.

The Green Bits API automatically verifies that all of the previous day's data has been successfully reported to Metrc before beginning the sync process. 

What should I expect after the sync?

After a sync, Green Bits and Metrc will reflect identical quantities for all packages. This does not necessarily mean that that two systems will accurately reflect your physical inventory. If any discrepancy still exists between Green Bits/Metrc and your physical quantity on hand, at this point you should adjust the quantity in Green Bits. The same adjustment will report to Metrc, and the two systems will remain in sync.

Converted SKUs may need to be further adjusted in Green Bits. If the sync identifies a discrepancy on a given package, and that package has multiple associated SKUs due to conversions in Green Bits, the sync will adjust the total package quantity to match that in Metrc, but occasionally errors may occur in the distribution of that adjustment across multiple SKUs.

For example, this package was originally bulk flower measured in grams. It was then converted into half-gram pre-rolls. Our remaining quantity is 33 pre-roll units at half a gram each, and 0 grams left in the original "INTAKE" SKU, for a total of 16.5 grams.

During an inventory audit, an employee discovered that there are actually only 23 of these pre-rolls (11.5 grams) still in stock.

But, the employee forgot that this should be done in Green Bits, and instead made an adjustment of -5 grams (ten half-gram units) in Metrc. A manager recognized this mistake and requested a sync. 

After the sync, the quantities in Green Bits are:

Note that the total quantity on hand of 11.5 grams is accurate, and matches what's in Metrc. But instead of keeping the "INTAKE" SKU at 0 and adjusting the half-gram pre-roll SKU down to 23 like you might have expected it to, the sync instead subtracted the 5 grams from the original "INTAKE" SKU.

Due to technical limitations, all the sync process can do is: 

  1. discover that Metrc shows 5 fewer grams on this package than Green Bits does, and 
  2. subtract 5 grams from the total package quantity in Green Bits.

With packages that have multiple associated SKUs due to conversions, the sync process cannot always determine how best to allocate an adjustment of the total package quantity. It simply adjusts the original SKU, leaving any other associated SKUs unchanged.

To fix this, go to Inventory > Packages, search the affected package ID, click Actions > Adjust Quantity, and correct the quantities of each SKU as necessary.

How does a sync affect my reports?

Any and all quantity adjustments that result from a sync will be reflected in the Audit Log for any affected products, as well as on the Inventory Adjustment Report

These reports will show the amount of the adjustment and an automated note "Traceability sync requested by [the user name that generated your location's Metrc API key]".

Can I access records of when syncs were performed?

Yes. Your account's "super admin" user (the primary admin designated when you first set up your Green Bits account) can view completed syncs in the Tasks page in Back Office (click the 3 horizontal lines icon next to the user name in the top menu bar):

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