USB Receipt Printer Setup

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Use the steps below to set up and start using your Star TSP143IIIU USB receipt printer with Green Bits.

These steps apply only to USB model TSP143IIIU. Setup instructions for Ethernet models of the TSP100 series are available here.

This printer requires Green Bits app version 1.82 or newer. Need to update? Click here.

1. Connect to power and load paper

Connect the power cord to the back of the printer, but don't turn the printer on yet.

Open the top cover and insert the paper roll as shown below.

A small "starter" roll of paper is included with the printer. Additional receipt paper is available from Green Bits Support as well as many other online sources. This printer uses thermal paper, roll size 3.125" by 230'.

2. Connect the printer to your iPad

Connect your iPad's charging cable (also known as a "Lightning" cable) to the USB port labeled "5V" on the back of the printer. This cable handles communication between your iPad and printer, and also provides power to the iPad.

3. Connect the printer to your cash drawer

The receipt printer controls the automatic opening of your cash drawer when you complete a transaction in Green Bits, even when you don't print a receipt.

Locate the cable (type CD-101A) that was included with your cash drawer, and connect the narrower end of this cable to the port on the back of the printer labeled "DK".

Connect the wider end of the cable to the corresponding port on the underside of the cash drawer.

Note: Although the DK port appears identical to a standard landline phone jack, a phone-type cable is not compatible with the printer or cash drawer. Please ensure you're using a type CD-101A cable (included with the cash drawer).

4. Connect the printer to Green Bits

Sign into the Green Bits register app, tap on the stacked white lines in the top left corner to open the menu shown below, then tap Settings.

Tap Receipt Printer.

Allow several seconds for the app to recognize the printer.

Tap "TSP143IIIU GY" to select and connect to the printer. A check mark appears on the right to indicate the printer is selected. Tap Test Print to confirm.

Note: if you also have Ethernet TSP100 receipt printers on your network, you may see multiple printers in this menu. The app can only connect to one receipt printer at a time. Ethernet printers will be identified as "TCP:" followed by an IP address on the far right. USB printers will be identified as "USB:TSP100".

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