FAQ: Hemp products in Oregon

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Hemp-derived products in Oregon are unique in that they are tracked in Metrc, but not taxed. As a result, these products must be set up in Green Bits in a particular way, different from standard marijuana products. This guide is intended to answer common questions on setting up these products in Green Bits.

Do I need to set up a new product type for hemp?

Yes, we recommend creating a new product type specifically for hemp items that are tracked, but not taxed.

In Back Office, click Inventory > Product Types, then + Add Product Type (or, select an existing Product Type to edit).

Give this new Product Type a Name and a Color of your choice, then select the following settings:

  • Is Marijuana - Yes
  • Transaction Limit Type - None
  • Editable Fields - Optional
  • Tax Items - None

Lastly, go to Inventory > Products and create your new hemp products, or reassign existing products as needed.

Why would "Is Marijuana" be set to "Yes"? Hemp and marijuana are not the same thing!

Another way to think of this setting is "are these products tracked in your state traceability system?"

The "Is Marijuana" Product Type setting in Green Bits merely controls whether associated products are tracked in Metrc and whether they require a Metrc package ID.

With "Is Marijuana" set to "No", these products are treated like paraphernalia and other general merchandise, meaning you won't be able to assign a Metrc package ID to these products. So although it's not technically true that these items are "marijuana", they are considered "marijuana" for inventory classification purposes in Green Bits.

Does this affect the way my hemp products are tracked in Metrc?

No. "Is Marijuana" is exclusively a Green Bits setting and does not affect or change the way sales and adjustments of these products is reported to Metrc, other than the fact that "Yes" = reported to Metrc and "No" = not reported to Metrc.

I have products that contain CBD but are derived from alternative non-hemp materials. How do I set these up?

CBD-only items from non-hemp sources, such as tree bark, are treated as general merchandise (Is Marijuana = No), at least for the time being. Regulations are always evolving, though, so the general rule is to check with OLCC if you're unsure.

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